Style Guide for Designer Rings


Designer rings are often more intricate in style and command a higher price point. However, designer rings aren’t necessarily out of reach for budget-constrained buyers. While these investment pieces feature more attention to detail and a name that is often recognizable as ‘luxury,’ designer rings can be customized to create the perfect ring for most budgets. Parade—the designer line for Brilliance—features a variety of styles and settings in a broad range of prices. The Parade line and most other designer styles give buyers the option to choose their perfect center stone and setting. Don’t assume that designer engagement rings have to feature massive diamonds at insane prices. Here are a few tips to style designer engagement rings to suit your fashion sense and your individual budget!

Settings & Styles

Designer engagement rings are popular because they offer amazing details. In the Parade line, these details are inspired by nature—think scrolling vines, blossoming center mounts, and floral motifs.  However, every ring design is different and ring settings are offered in a range of prices. For buyers who are looking for chic minimalism, choosing a sleek solitaire setting will keep budgets on target without sacrificing detail. With designer lines, even solitaire settings boast delicate details. Look for curving edges, carved out formations within the band design, and unique center mounts. These designs are often noticeable when the ring is worn on the hand. Designs almost always lend a sculptural element to the band creating the look of a blossoming flower or other motifs.
If the budget is a bit more expanded, designer rings can often incorporate diamond accents with amazing patterns. Diamonds or other gemstones can be used as leaf formations against bold diamond center stones, as floral accents to create a bouquet on the hand, dotted around the band in scrolling vine formations, or they may be used as a subtle hidden detail visible only when worn on the hand.

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Platinum or Gold

The metal used in the setting can significantly impact price. Many buyers love platinum, but this light-hued metal can bust a budget. Platinum is much more expensive than white gold. So for buyers on a budget who want a designer ring, choosing white gold makes the most sense to keep the cost down without sacrificing style. Gold also gives you a great variety, with yellow, white, or rose. Buyers may also choose 14 karat gold over 18 karat gold as a budget-saving option. However, most designer rings will not offer a setting in a gold purity lower than 14 karats. However, if budget isn’t an issue, then choose the highest gold purity or splurge on platinum!


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Center Stones

Diamonds are often the centerpiece favorite for engagement rings. However, many buyers are now choosing alternative gemstones to create one-of-a-kind rings. Many have taken inspiration from Duchess Kate’s iconic sapphire engagement ring. Gemstone engagement rings are amazing style choices. And choosing your birthstone to set in designer rings can paint a beautiful and personalized piece. Don’t be afraid to paint with color when investing in designer rings. Consider your style and your personality when choosing that perfect center stone.
If you wish to invest in a diamond center stone, be sure to consider the 4Cs—cut, clarity, color, and carat. Each of these areas affects the beauty and value of a diamond. If budget is an issue, sacrificing carat weight is usually the best option. However, colored diamonds—including diamonds more yellow in hue—also look beautiful in warm gold settings. Most experts will not recommend cutting costs with cut and clarity, however, as these areas often have a great impact on the brilliance and beauty of a diamond.

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Pairing With Other Rings

Designer engagement rings can often be paired with any other wedding band, or you can invest in a band that matches the engagement design. Buyers may opt to select a more simple band to partner with an ornate designer engagement ring; a simple band allows the engagement ring to remain the focal point on the hand. However, choosing a detailed diamond wedding band creates a bold pairing.
Designer rings come in all prices and designs. While these rings already feature detailed designs and recognizable names, buyers may still find ways to customize their rings to suit their budget and lifestyle. Play with color, metal types and details to find the perfect ring that captures your rendition of designer Brilliance.

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