Vintage, simple, or modern, bracelets are a great finishing touch for any ensemble & make the perfect gift
for special occasions.

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Diamond Bracelets

A diamond bracelet adds elegance to any look, while a modern gold bangle boldly expresses your unique style.

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Bracelet Guide

The right bracelet can add a polished, elegant finishing touch to any ensemble. Before purchasing a fine bracelet as a gift to yourself or a loved one, read our Bracelet Guide to learn about the most important things to consider. We'll explore the many types available, such as diamond bracelets, gemstone bracelets, pearl bracelets, and precious metal bracelets, as well as modern styles like bangle bracelets and charm bracelets. You'll also learn about the features and benefits of the different types of clasps. Our guide makes your shopping process easier by providing some easy bracelet buying tips.

Learn more about bracelets with our Bracelet Guide  

Bracelet Guide |

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To ensure that our relationship continues long after your first purchase, we offer an array of unique services with every order.

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Our jewelry is made to last a lifetime. Our warranty backs that up for the life of your purchase.

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Our jewelry experts give focused attention to each customer to help them find the perfect product

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Interested in upgrading for a special occasion? Any loose diamond you buy can be upgraded for a larger diamond of your choice.

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As your lifelong jeweler, we can provide an up-to-date appraisal of any purchase you made at Brilliance, no matter how long ago you made the purchase.

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