Jewelry Guides

Whether you need a ring for an engagement, the perfect accessory for an occasion, or a unique gift, our jewelry guides offer the info you need to find the style that meets your taste and your budget.

beautiful citrine gemstone earrigns

Engagement Ring Guide

As the first and biggest purchase a couple will make, buying an engagement ring requires research and planning. Browse our thorough Engagement Ring Guide to learn the ins and outs of finding that perfect ring.

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Diamond Ring Guide

Before investing in a diamond or precious gemstone ring, it’s helpful to to be aware of some of the latest trends in the jewelry market. In our detailed Diamond Ring Guide, you’ll find insider advice on shopping for your diamond ring.

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Earrings Guide

From diamond hoops to fashion earrings, there are dozens of different earring styles available in today's fine jewelry market. In our comprehensive Earring Guide, we'll explore ways to find the perfect pair of earrings.

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Bracelet Guide

The right bracelet can add a polished, elegant finishing touch to any ensemble. Our Bracelet Guide makes your shopping experience easier by providing practical bracelet buying tips.

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Necklace Guide

Classic adornments for displaying pendants, diamonds, or precious metals, necklaces are worn in almost all civilizations as a timeless jewelry piece. In our extensive Necklace & Pendant Guide, we’ll investigate everything you should know about popular necklace styles, common necklace lengths, and the four main pendant types.

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Setting Type Guide

When executed with precision and skill, a specific setting style can enhance the beauty and transform the look of a jewelry piece. In our elaborate Setting Types Guide you will learn about the ins and outs of different settings.

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