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When shopping for the perfect wedding band or engagement ring, one of the essential steps is measuring your ring size to ensure a great fit on your finger. If you need help measuring your ring size, we've laid out three easy methods you can use at home.

Find Your Size
In order to obtain an accurate measurement, follow the ring size validation instructions provided on the ring size guide.
Free Ring Sizer
We can send you a free plastic ring size set that will accurately measure your ring size from the comfort of your home.
Ring Size Chart
Some countries may have different standard ring sizes. Check out our ring size chart to ensure an accurate measurement.

How To Use Our Ring Size Guide

If you already have a ring that fits you perfectly, you can use it as a reference. Download and print our free ring size guide. Check your printer settings and make sure that the page scaling is set to "None" to ensure accuracy of the measurement from the printout is accurate.

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How To Use Our Ring Size Chart

Different countries have different sizing standards. Our ring size conversion chart is the perfect tool to determine your ring size, regardless of the country in which the ring was sized in. To use the ring size conversion chart, you need to measure the inner circumference of your finger in inches or

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Ring Size Tips

Measure your ring size at the right time: Finger size can change throughout the day due to temperature and physical activity. For the most accurate results, measuring your intended finger in the afternoon or evening when your fingers are typically warmer is best. Avoid measuring your

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