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Distant Star - Mens Meteorite Ring in Zirconium

This unique meteorite mens wedding band is out of this world! Each meteorite ring is like a fingerprint - no two pieces of meteorite have the exact same markings. Meteorite is also considered good luck. The Distant Star Ring by Brilliance has an 8mm black zirconium band and features a meteorite inlay so you can take it wherever you go and follow your dreams.

Stock Number: 19440
Our Price: $695

Offset Rose Inlay Domed Men's Wedding Ring in Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel creates a unique pattern with an offset 14k rose gold inlay on this 7 mm domed band. Proudly made in the USA and comfort fit.

Stock Number: 10667
Our Price: $695

Night - Forest Pattern Zirconium Mens Band

Channel the night with this sharp Zirconium mens tree band which features a laser carved forest pattern and a sleek Red Heart wooden interior sleeve. Comfort fit.

Stock Number: 15204
Our Price: $790

Bristle - 8mm Comfort-Fit Tungsten Mens Band with Brushed Finish

Enjoy the manly brushed finish of this comfort-fit tungsten mens ring. This band is 8 millimeters wide, completely durable, and will last a lifetime.

Stock Number: 19417
Our Price: $190

Rich Mahogany - Black Ceramic Mens Ring with Wood Inlay

An inlay of mahogany hard wood with a mix of warm brown tones enhances this 8-millimeter-wide beveled black ceramic men's band. Koa Collection.

Stock Number: 10939
Our Price: $205

Screw Design Men's Wedding Ring in Titanium

This unique satin finished titanium Men's wedding band is 8 millimeters wide and features screw-designs along the center for a stylish look. Comfort fit and proudly made in the USA.

Stock Number: 10515
Our Price: $235

The Carpenter - Black Mens Band with Carpathian Wood

This black ceramic men's wedding band features a warm Carpathian wood inlay with beveled edges and a comfort fit. Koa Collection.

Stock Number: 10919
Our Price: $165

Comfort Fit Men's Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold (6mm)

This classic 14k or 18k yellow gold Men's wedding band is 6 millimeters wide and features rounded inside edges for a comfort fit. Proudly made in the USA.

Stock Number: 10715
Our Price: $595

Beveled Men's Wedding Ring in Titanium (5mm)

This durable beveled Men's wedding band is 5 millimeters wide and features a high polished titanium finish and rounded inside edges for a comfort-fit. Proudly made in the USA.

Stock Number: 10620
Our Price: $125

Laser Carved Forest Pattern Men's Wedding Ring in Cobalt

This domed 7 mm band features a serene pine forest pattern laser carved into cobalt for a unique look. Proudly made in the USA and comfort fit.

Stock Number: 10655
Our Price: $445