Top 10 Mens Titanium Wedding Bands


Gold and platinum are often thought of as the “go-to” metals for wedding bands for both men and women. Although these metals are stunning and sophisticated, there are other options that men should consider when shopping for a ring. Titanium is one option that appeals to men who are looking for a metal that is more durable and affordable than both gold and platinum.


Made to Last

Steel is considered one of the toughest metals in the world, but titanium has three times the strength of this metal. Titanium also has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all metals. This means titanium men’s wedding bands are not only incredibly durable, but they’re also lightweight. Since heavier and less durable rings can interfere with an active man’s lifestyle, many men appreciate how easy it is to wear titanium rings.

Titanium is also far more affordable than other popular metals such as gold and platinum, but other people won’t be able to tell that it costs less since it has the same sleek appearance as higher end metals. If you are open to alternative metals, take a look at some of our favorite titanium men’s wedding bands:



Beveled Titanium Men's Wedding Ring

If you’re looking for a durable and stylish men’s wedding band, look no further than this beveled ring! This durable beveled Men's wedding band is 5 millimeters wide and features a high polished titanium finish and rounded inside edges for a comfort-fit. Check it out here for your groom to be.



Step Edged Black Titanium Men's Band

Sleek and almost edgy, this men’s wedding band makes a bold statement. This black titanium Men's band is 9 millimeters wide and features a high-polished step edge for a modern look. Allow your man to stand apart from the crowd with this ring!



Hammered Titanium Men's Band

This 7mm titanium band sports a modern look, with its hammered textured finish and high polished round edge, highlighting any groom’s distinct sense of style. Be inspired by something different with this band!



Titanium Men's Band with Silver Carbon Fiber Inlay

A comfortable fit and sense of flair are brought to the table with this unique ring with an inlay of silver carbon fiber adding depth to this 6 mm flat titanium. Break away from a standard wedding band with this ring!



Titanium Men's Band with Screwed Inlay

This titanium band is not only durable, but it sports a unique look. Satin finished and 8 mm in width, this men’s ring features screw-designs along the center for a one-of-a-kind look. Stand apart from the crowd with this textured band!



Sectioned Titanium Men's Band

With horizontal grooves and high polished edges, this titanium men’s wedding band is given a sleek and stylish look. See this stylish selection for yourself here!



Black Swirled Titanium Men's Band

A modern twist on a classic design, this black titanium 7mm men's band features a unique swirl pattern design. Give your groom a little something extra with this ring here!



Stipple Finished Titanium Basketball Men's Band

For any basketball-loving groom, this men’s wedding band is a winner. Grooved lines and a stipple finish bring to life a basketball on this 7 mm band in titanium. Don’t miss this ring for the sports-fanatic that you’re walking down the aisle towards!



Sandblasted Titanium Men's Band with Meteorite Inlay

This durable men's band features a sandblasted finish over a 7 mm titanium band with a 5 mm inlay of genuine Gibeon Meteorite. See the awesome texture and design of this ring for yourself here!



Black Titanium Men's Band with Carbon Fiber Inlay

Between the wicker woven carbon fiber inlay and high polished beveled edges, this titanium wedding band gives any groom style. Is it the perfect ring for your groom? Find out here!


Titanium has far more to offer than durability and affordability—it’s versatile, too. Simple titanium bands with beveled edges are ideal for men who are interested in a classic and timeless ring. Men who want something more edgy and modern should look for a titanium band in black instead of standard gray. There are also a number of ways to infuse your personal style into the ring. Many titanium men’s wedding bands feature colorful inlays, intricate designs, and unique finishes that make them stand out from the rest. Think long and hard before deciding which of these countless designs is right for you. Titanium wedding bands will last a lifetime, so be sure to choose a ring that you will enjoy wearing for decades to come!

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