Vintage Engagements: Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

Express Yourself: Make It Vintage

They say that fashion is cyclical, so it comes as no surprise that vintage, or vintage-inspired, engagement rings are currently very much in fashion with modern brides-to-be. The reasons for choosing a vintage engagement ring are endless. Perhaps your style is more traditional or old-fashioned -- a vintage style ring is a small way to express your more classic sensibilities. Maybe the uniqueness of an intricately carved setting or ornate band offers the chance to wear something that is truly one-of-a-kind. Whatever the reason, a vintage engagement ring is a surefire way to stand out in a sea of classic solitaires or halo rings.

Why Vintage Engagement Rings?

Vintage rings are not only chic, but incredibly affordable as well. You can go truly vintage, buying an antique ring or using a family heirloom passed down from previous generations, which is often much less costly than buying new. This can have pitfalls, however, as antique metal or diamond cuts may not meet modern jewelry standards, or may have been polished so many times over the course of its life that it will no longer stand up to daily wear. If you don’t want to make a risky purchase or don’t have a family treasure up for grabs, there are plenty of ways to echo the style of a vintage ring without breaking the bank. Vintage bands feature ornately carved settings, which often serves to make the central diamond look bigger than it actually is.

So if you’re looking for the flash of a bigger diamond, but don’t want to bankrupt yourself, a vintage ring is an ideal option. In addition, the carved antique styles often feature fewer additional diamond accents, so as not to distract from the artwork of the detail, which can also help make vintage-style settings more affordable.

Why Vintage Engagement Rings?

The Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

The Asscher cut diamond is the most ideal cut for a vintage-style ring as its architectural style echoes the sensibilities of Art Deco to a tee. The Asscher cut was invented in 1902 by Joseph Asscher and the Asscher Diamond Company, and it quickly rose in popularity as a natural fit for the Art Deco bands contemporary for the Roaring Twenties. It became the most famous cut in the world when Elizabeth Taylor received the infamous Krupp diamond from fiancé Richard Burton. Nowadays, it is not as popular as the Princess or Round Brilliant cut, but makes a superb choice for vintage style rings. Because the Asscher is generally less expensive than traditional Round cut diamonds, they also aid in keeping a vintage style ring on budget.

Antique Floral Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

Asscher Setting: Big & Bold

If you want something flashy and utterly Art Deco, consider our Art Deco Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. The Asscher diamond was practically invented for this setting, an Art Deco masterpiece of geometry that echoes the symmetry of your central diamond. What’s more, the halo and diamonds on the band will enhance the center diamond, lending extra sparkle to your ring and allowing for a selection of a smaller karat stone without losing any of the brilliance you desire. Your ring will have the vintage glamour and flash of a 1920s flapper.

There are many ways to approach a vintage-style ring with an Asscher cut diamond, from one of our beautiful settings to a custom-designed ring of your choosing.

Art Deco Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Asscher Setting: Simple & Delicate

If you want a vintage-style ring, but perhaps are after something a bit more elegant and demure, consider an Edwardian Style Antique Setting. The simplicity of the band will allow your center stone to shine, while still providing the vintage-inspired delicate setting of your dreams. Petite side stones offer extra brilliance, but won't overwhelm your vintage Asscher engagement ring.

Edwardian settings are perfect for brides who prefer delicate, streamlined designs but still want that antique flair, and the Asscher cut will help maintain the traditional look you desire. If the women of Downton Abbey are your style icons, this is the look for you.

Edwardian Style Antique Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

Express Yourself

Finally, consider a custom ring that really allows you to express your vintage style. One of the hallmarks of antique rings is the use of colored gemstones like emeralds or sapphires. If you want that perfect Asscher-cut Art Deco setting, but with something a bit more unusual, consider using the Art Deco halo setting but instead of diamonds in the halo, use sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. This Mark Broumand Asscher cut ring is a lovely example of how a custom design can capture that vintage glamour many brides desire with some added color. The halo enhances the sparkle of the center Asscher cut stone, but the simplicity of the band lends the setting a dainty elegance.

With a custom ring, you can find the perfect balance between Art Deco flash and elegant simplicity for your individual style.

Express Yourself
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