Style Guide for Men's Gold Wedding Bands


So often, when we talk about wedding rings it’s all about women’s styles. But men’s wedding bands are just as cool, intricate and symbolic as those worn by women! The styles for men’s gold wedding bands have evolved over the years, from simple bands to incredible and unique statement pieces. Gold is the classic choice for men’s wedding rings. But that doesn’t mean men’s gold rings must be simple. Diamonds, gemstones and engraved details can decorate any men’s band. Go for unique color, wood inlays—even prehistoric dinosaur bone. Whether you select the band in rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, these ideas for men’s gold wedding bands will wow you!


Intriguing Inlays

Inlays infuse a touch of his personality and style into his wedding band. An inlay can be made of almost any material and often decorates the middle of the ring. Some inlays are gold or platinum and include diamonds or other details. However, inlays also can be exotic—like Koa, Ash, Zebra, Mahogany or Carpathian wood. To showcase a “love through the ages,” you can also choose an inlay of Gibeon meteorite or prehistoric dinosaur bone (yes, it’s real!). To add color, opt for an inlay of opal or abalone shell. Also, a camo inlay is perfect for hunters or those who adore the outdoors.


Dapper Diamonds

Men love diamonds too! For a gold band that exudes fire and spark, choose a row of diamonds for his band. Channel set diamonds create a seamless style or you can dot little diamonds throughout the band. If he wants bigger and bolder gems, set a solitaire within the band—a bezel set diamond looks incredible in men’s gold bands.


Detailed Designs

Gold bands can feature carved or laser-cut designs…and these looks are endless. For a steampunk style, choose a gold band carved with intricate gears. As a nod to his Irish roots, Celtic knots may also weave into the band. Laser-cut designs like trees or even a cityscape may pay homage to his outdoor style or his hometown.


Targeted Texture

A ring’s texture can change the entire look. Not every man wants to rock shiny gold, so mix it up with hammered, bead blasted or brushed textures. Hammered gold has an artisanal hand-crafted appeal, and the uneven texture makes it ideal for men who want something a little bit different. Bead blasted or sandblasted details give the band a unique roughed up texture. Brushed effects take the gold from polished and smooth to matte perfection.


Matching Wedding Sets

Gold bands for men can also be crafted to match a partner’s ring. Details like fingerprints or interlocking heart designs add a symbolic sentiment to matrimonial rings. Birthstones or customized designs may also be used for amazing one-of-a-kind matching sets.
Wedding rings for men don’t have to be basic; get creative and think outside the gold band to craft a ring that is true for him. Diamonds, precious stones, and artistic details infuse his style and personality into this forever ring. Inlays and textures can also be used to create an ideal symbolic ring to seal your most sacred and cherished vows.

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