Style Guide for Flower Engagement Rings

Many couples are drawn to flower engagement rings, as these rings embody a chic yet classic nod to femininity. Flower-inspired rings evoke the Victorian Era when romantic details and delicate designs flourished in popularity. A flower design can also hold many meanings— While rose engagement rings denote love or passion, a daisy design is used to signify innocence. A romantic floral theme can also be incorporated through the use of romantic scrolling vines or even clusters of leaves. Ultimately, a flower engagement ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry with a unique and personal motif. Decide what flowers or designs hold meaning to you and your relationship. Does a scrolling vine symbolize the continuance of your love? Or perhaps you wish to incorporate the birth flower of you or your partner? Our style guide will help you find or even create a ring that pulls on the beauty of nature in a variety of ways, from diamonds and colored gemstones to precious metals and unique settings.

Flower-Inspired Diamond Ring Settings

There are countless popular settings available for your diamond engagement ring, and fortunately, many of them are meant to capture the beauty of a flower. The most common of these is the halo engagement ring, with the center stone as the flower head and the halo of diamonds in a shared prong setting as the delicate, dazzling petals. This effect works well with any metal and any diamond carat size. Besides the halo, the majority of flower settings are vintage settings. Each provides a very distinct look based on the era from which it draws inspiration. A few examples include...

Victorian Era: The buttercup setting, which features six prongs curving gently upward to create a dainty “cup” around the center. Diamonds and pearls are often featured in this setting.

Art Deco: The architectural look of baguette diamonds can be used to create a unique vintage ring, like in this Flower Ring with Tapered Baguette Side Stones.

Art Nouveau: The gentle curves and natural forms of this Vintage Leaf Filigree Ring are hallmarks of the classic vintage design.

Custom Vintage: Modern technology has made recreating any vintage look easy, like the gorgeous vintage lattice-like halo in this Custom Flower Halo Engagement Ring. Want to create a custom flower setting? No problem. Learn more about designing custom rings.

The Colors of Nature

Flower engagement rings look amazing when color is incorporated into the design. If you love colors, choose a fancy diamond or deep hued gemstone for the centerpiece instead of a traditional white diamond. You can also use gemstones as accent stones to incorporate a natural motif. Here are some of our favorite styles:

Marquise-cut stones are perfect to create subtle petal shapes in any color, like in this Twisted Petal Diamond and Gemstone Ring.

Emeralds can be used to craft leaves alongside a sparkling center diamond, like in this Tree-inspired Engagement Ring.

Custom settings can use gemstones to outline and highlight a one-of-a-kind flower shape, like in this Custom Heart Diamond and Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring.

Engravings, Filigree, and High-Reliefs

Engravings, Filigree, and High-Reliefs

Flower details don’t have to be big and bold…or even obvious. If you want a more subtle look, choose a band that’s engraved with vines, leaves or other floral patterns. An engagement ring with metal engravings (as opposed to diamond or gemstone details) is also friendlier for a smaller budget. Multiple metals within a ring can also be used to make eye-catching floral accents, like the beautiful leaf accents in this Two-Tone Brushed Leaf Diamond Engagement Ring. White metals and yellow or rose gold create great contrast but yellow and rose gold together may be too subtle to see at first glance. No matter what bouquet you create with your engagement ring, it’s sure to be something special—a flower that never dies, just like the love you share with your significant other.

Engravings, Filigree, and High-Reliefs

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