Style Guide for Diamond Hoop Earrings

style guide for diamond hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are one of the fashion industry’s most on-trend style accessories. While large hoops may only be en vogue for a short period, there is one surefire way to ensure the hoop trend remains a classic and timeless choice: add diamonds! Diamond hoop earrings combine the go-to perfection of diamond stud earrings with the trendy popularity of hoops. Unlike large, eye-catching metal hoops, though, diamond hoop earrings will always maintain their versatility. Pair them with casual attire, a business suit, a wedding dress or wear them for a date night. Whatever outfit you choose those sparkling hoops will look luxe and on point. Like diamond stud earrings, however, there are a wide-range of styles and settings for diamond hoop earrings. If you’re ready to add these sophisticated accessories to your wardrobe, here are a few ways to create your ideal pair of hoops.

Picturesque Prongs

Many buyers see prongs as simple and functional spaces to hold their stones. But don’t discount prongs as a design element for earrings. Hoop earrings don’t have much room for many design elements—beyond, of course, the stones—so unique prongs can serve as eye-catching details. U-shaped prongs are shaped like—surprise!—a tiny ‘u.’ When you set your diamonds within u-shaped prongs in a hoop earring design, the side of the hoop reveals a curving scalloped design. This intricate design becomes more prominent as the carat size of the individual diamonds within the hoop increases.

Picturesque Prongs

Channel set prongs aren’t really prongs at all. To channel set diamonds, the stones slide within the setting and seamlessly nudge against the next stone. Instead of prongs, the edge of the metal holds the diamonds in place—a channel setting is a bit like Scrabble tiles sliding within their wooden holder. The side of a channel-set hoop will reveal a smooth metallic finish. Traditional prong settings typically feature four little claws that hold a diamond in place. When the hoop is flipped to the side the prong setting creates a fan-like edge. This style is incredibly popular.

channel set diamond hoop earrings

Carat & Cut

For diamond hoop earrings, buyers won’t typically choose every diamond within the setting. Since each earring contains many diamonds, most hoop earrings that feature diamonds are pre-set. However, buyers should be aware of the quality of the stones, as each jeweler may have a different range for acceptable diamond quality within their earring designs. Brilliance diamond earrings typically feature stones that are graded SI (or slightly included) as a minimum clarity standard. To ensure the brightest diamonds for the most brilliant diamond earrings, Brilliance also chooses higher color grades—like G-H. While buyers don’t necessarily have the power to choose each diamond, they can select the shape and carat weight of their earrings. Diamond hoops come in a wide range of carat weights (this is based on the carat weight of both earrings combined), and buyers may also choose from a few different diamond shapes. Princess or round diamond hoop earrings each create different looks. While princess shaped diamonds may be selected for an endless channel setting, round brilliant diamonds offer maximum brilliance.

Big or Small?

Hoop size is one of the most crucial choices for finding the perfect pair of diamond hoop earrings. Brilliance offers numerous hoop sizes, and while each size is gorgeous and timeless, size matters to most buyers. Remember that bigger hoops will be heavier. If your ears are a bit more sensitive to weight, choose smaller hoops like ‘huggies.’ These dainty hoops gently hug the earlobe and look lovely when paired with diamond studs—for those with multiple lobe piercings.

Big or Small?

Hoop Shape

You don’t just have to stick to big or small; diamond hoops also come in a variety of interesting and unique shapes to fit your individual preference. From a double-hoop infinity design or a dangling, curved hoop earring, there are countless possibilities to create a sparkling, stylish look. Diamond hoop earrings are an on-trend alternative to the more conservative diamond stud earrings. While hoops offer a bit of boldness, the diamonds create a classic touch that allows the earrings to hold timeless versatility. Choose big hoops with larger carat diamonds or diminutive and delicate huggies that offer a tiny loop of diamond sparkle. No matter what size you choose, your diamond hoop earrings will become your favorite go-to accessory.

Hoop Shape
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