Round Cut Bridal Sets: Buying Your Engagement & Wedding Rings Together

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For decades, proposal tradition has dictated that the man “popping the question” bought an engagement ring on his own and surprised his bride-to-be—the bigger the surprise (and the ring!) the better. Wedding rings wouldn’t come until later, with both partners purchasing their rings as they planned for their big day.

Yet more couples are beginning to realize that it may be wiser to buy their engagement ring and wedding rings at the same time. These rings are often as stylish as they are budget-friendly, especially when set with the ever-popular round diamond. Here are just a few of the many benefits and why round cut bridal sets may be right for you:

Bridal Sets Help You Balance Your Budget

Trying to keep the price tag for your wedding low? It can be difficult to do so if you buy your engagement ring and wedding ring at different times. For example, let’s say you have a budget of $5,000 for both your engagement ring and wedding rings. If you buy your engagement ring first and spend $4,000 on it, that leaves you with $1,000 for the wedding ring. But, when you go to look at wedding rings, you may realize that the styles you like are all above $1,000. If you had purchased both of the rings at the same time, you would have known that you needed to allocate more of your budget towards the wedding ring in order to get the style that you want. Round cut bridal sets make it even easier to stay within your budget. The modern round brilliant diamond is the most popular diamond cut, and as such can be found in a huge variety of settings and sizes—you’ll have no trouble finding one within your price range.

Bridal Sets Help You Balance Your Budget |

Get the Right Look

Bridal sets are a match made in heaven—literally. They are designed to complement each other, like the matching pave bands in the Art Deco engagement and wedding ring pictured above. This is especially true when it comes to custom made rings. If you’ve created a truly original engagement ring, you may have a hard time finding a wedding ring to match. For example, see this custom Brilliance Diamond and Sapphire Gemstone Bridal Set. This round cut sapphire engagement ring is as unique as it is stunning, but the matching wedding band with sapphires and diamonds elevates this set to another level of one-of-a-kind beauty.

(If you want a ring that’s a little more modern but still low in price, look for

Get the Right Look

curved wedding band and split shank engagement ring pair

Some engagement and wedding sets aren’t just designed for look, but for wearability, too! This curved wedding ring is designed so that it will fit against engagement rings with a non-traditional band, such as a split shank setting, which is wider at the top. Without the curve in the wedding ring, there would be a gap between the wedding and engagement ring at the bottom of the finger. Remember, when it comes to planning your engagement and wedding, you make the rules! You don’t have to stick to tradition and buy the engagement and wedding rings at different times. You’re going to be wearing them for the rest of your life, so you might as well buy them at the same time so you can make sure that you love how they look—and feel—together on your ring finger.

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