Marquise Cut Diamond Size Chart (MM)

Marquise diamonds vary widely in terms of measurement proportions and carat weight. Use the chart below to obtain the average conversion expectations for a marquise cut diamond.


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Marquise Diamond Sizes

Marquise MM SizeMarquise Carat Weight
3x1.5 mm. 0.025 ct.
3.5x1.75 mm. 0.065 ct.
3.5x2 mm. 0.07 ct.
4x2 mm. 0.10 ct.
3.75x1.75 mm. 0.11 ct.
4.25x2.25 mm. 0.12 ct.
5x2.5 mm. 0.14 ct.
5.5x2.75 mm. 0.16 ct.
5.5x3 mm. 0.18 ct.
5x3 mm. 0.20 ct.
6.5x3 mm. 0.23 ct.
6x3 mm. 0.25 ct.
7x3 mm. 0.30 ct.
7.5x3.5 mm. 0.33 ct.
7x4 mm. 0.34 ct.
8x4 mm. 0.50 ct.
8.75x4.25 mm. 0.70 ct.
9x4.5 mm. 0.75 ct.
Marquise MM SizeMarquise Carat Weight
9.5x4.7 mm. 0.85 ct.
10x5 mm. 1.00 ct.
11x5.5 mm. 1.25 ct.
11.5x6 mm. 1.33 ct.
12x6 mm. 1.50 ct.
13x6.5 mm. 2.00 ct.
14x7 mm. 2.50 ct.
15x7 mm. 3.00 ct.
14x8 mm. 3.00 ct.
15x7.5 mm. 3.25 ct.
15x8 mm. 3.44 ct.
16x8 mm. 3.86 ct.
16.5x8.25 mm. 4.00 ct.
17x8.5 mm. 4.88 ct.
17.5x10 mm. 5.50 ct.
20x8 mm. 7.08 ct.
20x10 mm. 7.94 ct.
20x11 mm. 9.50 ct.

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