Five Types of Classic Mens Wedding Bands


There are five types of classic men’s wedding bands that prove that “classic” doesn’t have to be boring. Most men who are looking for a wedding ring want to find one that is classic and timeless. Contrary to popular belief, there are many wedding ring designs that can achieve the classic look that men desire. Here’s a look at those five types of classic men’s wedding bands:


The Plain Gold Band

If you are looking for a simple and sophisticated wedding band, the classic plain gold band is a perfect choice. Both white and yellow gold is sleek and timeless, so men can decide which is right for them based on their personal preference.


The White Metal Band

White gold isn’t the only type of white metal that is used to create classic men’s wedding bands. Men can also find wedding bands in platinum, titanium, cobalt, tungsten, and silver. Each of these metals has its own advantages, so it’s important to learn about each metal’s price, availability, and durability before making a decision.


The Beveled Band

A beveled surface is one that is cut at an angle less than 90 degrees. The edges on men’s wedding bands are often beveled to add texture and dimension to the design and make it more unique.


The Engraved Band

Men who are looking for something more personal should choose an engraved wedding band. Many men choose to engrave their significant other’s name, initials, a romantic quote, or their wedding anniversary date into their wedding band. Some men make the ring even more personal by engraving their spouse’s fingerprint directly onto the band.


The Milgrain Band

The term “milgrain” refers to a small, closely set row of metal beads that can be incorporated into a wedding ring design. This subtle design technique is often used around the edges of men’s wedding rings to create a unique border and to add a bit more character to their design.

Now that you know more about the options, it’s time to find the right ring for you!


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