Buying Guide for Traditional Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Yellow gold will always signify beauty, luxury and class. When making the choice between all the different yellow gold wedding rings out there, you need understand the designs and shades of gold available for making a traditional ring. That way, not only is your ring a classic symbol of love and commitment, but also the most exquisite piece of jewelry you own.

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

You’ve probably seen how yellow gold is making a huge comeback in engagement rings, but it’s also popular for wedding bands. Although you might think that gold wedding rings are nothing more than plain bands, this is certainly not the case. You can make yours sophisticated and beautiful by bearing in mind the following important buying tips:

Take a Closer Look at Karat

Since karat signifies the purity of gold, you might think that the higher karat yellow gold ring you have the better, but this is not always a practical choice. For instance, 22K gold is high in purity but actually too soft, which makes it prone to damage. From 18K gold downward, the gold is blended with other metals to strengthen it. This makes it safe for daily wear, while preserving its beauty.

Matching Bezel Heart Concave Diamond Wedding Ring Set in Yellow Gold  


Take a Closer Look at Karat

How Karat Affects Color

There’s not just one shade of yellow gold - look at different rings and you’ll see how some pieces are rich in saturation while others are paler. The different metals used in yellow gold to strengthen it affect the color. The higher the karat of your yellow gold wedding ring, the darker the gold will be. Keep this in mind when shopping for the perfect band.

antique floral knife edge ring in 22k yeallow gold
antique floral knife edge ring in 18k yeallow gold
antique floral knife edge ring in 14k yeallow gold
antique floral knife edge ring in 10k yeallow gold

Go Vintage

If you like the idea of a vintage or antique wedding band, gold is a great metal to work with because it complements vintage so beautifully. Vintage is a great way to add decorative touches to your ring that can also showcase a bit of your personality. A yellow gold wedding ring engraved with milgrain or floral patterns, for instance, is a lovely way to fill out the band and create an interesting design. Traditional wedding rings never have to be boring!

Antique Milgrain Solitaire Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold  


Go Vintage

Bring Diamonds into the Mix

Diamonds look opulent on a yellow gold wedding band, and there are many ways in which to use them. You could opt for a solitaire diamond or a line of diamonds along the band, which are both popular choices.

The important thing to remember regarding a large diamond on a yellow gold wedding ring is that the color of the band will shine through the stone. So, if the band is a deep shade of gold, this will give the diamond a yellowish appearance. To make the diamond bright and white, it will need to sit in prongs so that it is raised off the gold band.

Bring Diamonds into the Mix |

Give it a Modern Romantic Spin

Just because you’re choosing a traditional yellow gold wedding ring, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some modern flair to it while still being romantic. Instead of a traditional round diamond, use a more contemporary diamond cut, such as a chic and sparkling princess wedding band. Another idea is to choose wedding bands for you and your partner that complete a design, such as a heart, when the rings are placed together.

Yellow gold wedding rings

This is a unique and sentimental way to celebrate your love in plush yellow gold. Having beautiful designs on your yellow gold wedding ring makes both yours and your partner’s ring memorable as well as unique, which is what wedding rings should always be.

Inset Diamond Men’s Band in Yellow Gold  

Yellow gold wedding rings are a timeless choice for couples because they evoke elegance and tradition. However, they can also have exciting elements added to them to make them more personal and forever stylish.


Yellow gold wedding rings
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