The Process of Customizing Your Wedding Ring

how to customize your wedding ring

There are many things a couple wants from their wedding. They want it to be memorable. They want it to be special. They may even want it to be formal and conservative. But above all, nearly every couple wants their wedding day to be a reflection of themselves: their personalities, their tastes, and the love they share with each other.

Customized weddings are all the rage these days. Whether it’s pop-culture, literature, a shared hobby or passion, couples are mixing their favorite things with old-school wedding traditions, making for a celebration that is unique. If you’re looking to have a customized wedding, why not start with a customized wedding ring? Trust us, it’s easier than you may think:

1. Choose Your Wedding Ring Style

Once you decide to customize your wedding ring, you’ll face a tough decision: what do you want it to look like? Anything goes with a custom ring; from a classic look redesigned to something completely unusual.

1. Choose Your Wedding Ring Style |

As you begin the customization process it's important to consider the fact that you’ll be wearing this wedding ring for the rest of your life! Are you a glamorous person who wants to sport a diamond that stops traffic? Are you looking for something a little more delicate or petite? Do you want something that resembles your favorite Star Wars or Marvel character? Feel free to take risks with your ring design to try and capture the look you are going for.

Need more inspiration? Consider checking out some of your favorite celebrity wedding rings or plan a brainstorming session with your fiance to talk about different ring styles. By putting your knowledge of each other together, you might come up with an idea you couldn’t have alone - a sign of a great marriage! Don’t forget to have fun with it; this is a great time to let your creativity run wild.

Once you’ve got your ideas solidified, it’s time to take the process to a jeweler (one that creates custom rings like Brilliance) and watch them come to life. No part of the process is more enjoyable than that!

couple picking out wedding rings

2. Choose a Stone for Your Wedding Ring

So you’ve decided on the style for your customized wedding ring, and now you’ve found a jeweler to help you make it. Congratulations! Whether you’ve decided to go with a ring design that features diamonds a la Elizabeth Taylor or you’ve opted for a plain band with an Elvish inscription, you’ve passed the first hurdle.

2. Choose a Stone for Your Wedding Ring |

asscher cut diamond

The next step will be to choose a diamond(s) for your custom wedding ring. Of course, the size of your diamond will vary based on your personal taste and budget. What kind or shape of diamond, however, will depend largely on your style.

If you opt for an opulent, Taylor-esque ring, take a look at Asscher cut diamonds (this is the same cut as the infamous Krupp diamond that Taylor received from Richard Burton). If the Elvish engraved band is more your style, consider choosing round or princess cut diamonds. These cuts look dazzling in solitaire settings and will leave you with plenty of room to inscribe a romantic message or date inside the ring.

3: Choose Your Wedding Ring Setting

You already know what style you want, now it’s just time to see if the jeweler you picked already has something, or if you’ll be getting your custom design on more seriously. The setting is what takes your diamond and transforms it from a beautiful stone to a breathtaking wedding ring. At Brilliance, we offer a wide variety of settings in a variety of styles, so you are bound to find one that will be perfect for your custom wedding ring.

3: Choose Your Wedding Ring Setting |

Let’s say you want a vintage-inspired wedding ring, similar to something you’d find in The Great Gatsby. You’ll likely love a wedding ring set with 1920s Art Deco embellishments. Or, if your love story is a “tale as old as time,” you might want to wear a custom wedding ring that resembles a flower, like the famous rose from Beauty and the Beast.

The right setting design can help make your custom wedding ring truly yours. So be sure you talk with a Jewelry Expert throughout the process so he or she knows exactly what you want. After all, you want your customized wedding ring to come out perfect and last a lifetime (and beyond).

couple trying on wedding rings

Happily Ever After with Your Ring

The big moment is finally here; your customized wedding ring is ready to wear! After all your planning you will have the ring of your dreams, just the way you’ve always wanted it. At this point, all there is to do is slip it on and show it off.



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