Wedding Ring Trends: Emerald Diamond Wedding Sets

Emerald cut diamond rings are loved by ladies from around the world who appreciate sophisticated, classic diamonds. Emerald cut diamonds tend to look bigger than other diamonds of the same weight because the cut gives the stone a larger surface area. This means you can spend a little less, but still get a larger-looking diamond.

Women also love the slenderizing effect of an emerald cut diamond. Slip this on your ring finger, and, in an instant, you’ll have longer, elegant fingers. Having been around since the 1500s, this cut is a perfect choice for engagement and wedding rings since it will surely never go out of style.

When it comes to choosing a wedding ring set that will complement your beautiful emerald cut diamond engagement ring, you’re in luck. Emerald cut engagement rings are versatile, so there are endless options for wedding rings for both you and your future spouse.

The Perfect Set for an Emerald Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Do you have a solitaire emerald-cut engagement ring? If so, you can add a little extra bling to your finger with an emerald diamond eternity band. This style features emerald cut diamonds wrapped all the way around your finger, so you can sparkle from every angle. A perfect men's wedding band for him to wear that complements your band and engagement ring is this beveled titanium band. The clean lines match the sophisticated style of the emerald cut diamond, but the simplistic nature of this band lets the bride’s diamonds do all the dazzling to keep a more masculine style.

The Perfect Set for an Emerald Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Wedding Ring Sets for Emerald Rings with Side Diamonds

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings that feature side stones or minor detailing would look perfect with this scallop diamond wedding ring. The diamonds on this band are the perfect size to complement, but not overshadow, your beautiful engagement ring. Create a perfect wedding set with this inset diamond beveled wedding band for him. The polished finish on this band matches the sleek look of an emerald cut diamond, and the single round diamond is a nod to your bride’s wedding band, which features the same cut.

Wedding Ring Sets for Emerald Rings with Side Diamonds

Emerald Wedding Ring Sets with a Pop of Color

Emerald cut engagement rings are known as for their classic style, but there are definitely ways to make the look more unique for trend-setting couples. One way is to choose a matching wedding band set with a flash of color. This pave diamond sapphire band is the perfect choice for her, especially when it’s paired with this sandblasted domed lapis inlay men’s band. The colors in both of these bands are vibrant and beautiful, but subtle enough to be worn with every outfit without clashing.

Emerald Wedding Ring Sets with a Pop of Color

Tips for Buying Wedding Ring Sets

With so many choices, it can be tough to narrow down the options and pick wedding rings for each other that complement the bride’s emerald cut diamond engagement ring. When you do go shopping for wedding rings, keep these tips in mind:

If the engagement ring is simple, it makes sense to choose a flashier wedding band, and vice versa.

Try to choose the same metal for both the engagement ring and wedding band to keep a cohesive look. If possible, make sure that your spouse chooses a band with the same metal, too.

Women should always try the band on with their engagement ring to make sure that it sits well with the stone and shape of the ring.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! Women can add color with beautiful gemstones, and men can choose a wedding band that shows off their favorite color or sport.

If you and your spouse have very different tastes and can’t settle on bands that complement each other, there’s one way to tie them together: engraving. Engrave a sweet message or memorable date into the band to connect the two of you forever.

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