Antique Men's Wedding Rings That Never Go Out of Style

Mens Wedding Bands: Never Go Out of Style

By the time a couple is ready to tie the knot, most women have some idea of the type of vintage wedding ring they want. Not only do many women think about this years before walk down the aisle is imminent, but they also have a lifetime of buying jewelry to know their own tastes. For men, however, things are a little different; unless your man is interested in jewelry, he may be a little lost looking over the cases of rings. That is where we come in to help with some professional advice.

A man’s wedding band should be chic and never go out of style. Whereas women often change their rings for anniversaries, men tend to wear one band for the rest of their lives! Brilliance carries a wide variety of antique men’s wedding bands, which are perfect for the guy seeking out a classic band to sport once he’s a married man.


As Much a Man as Bond

Sleek, simple, and as classically masculine as the British secret agent, nothing competes with the simple yellow gold band, which has stood the test of time for, if we’re speaking frankly, all of time. If you want to play around with it, try out some different shapes like the flat band, or a band with milgrain edging for a more vintage look. Go for an all out antique men’s wedding ring with a yellow gold band that features milgrain and wire brush finish for that extra distressed look.

As Much a Man as Bond |

Black & Gold - Antiqued Accents

No, not Sam Sparro. Bold, strong color choices modernize the classic ring design, making it perfect for a standout guy. Contemporary cobalt bands featuring antiqued accents give these bands a vintage feel. One band features a yellow gold accent in the center as a shout out to the classic gold band. Black, antiqued grooves border the yellow center. Combined with the satin finish, the antiquing gives this band a vintage, worn feel even though it is brand new. The clean lines are simple, yet they combine for an impressive look overall. Alternatively, opt for one featuring genuine Gibeon Meteorite. With this ring, the cobalt band meets with another pair of black, antiqued grooves for that aged look, along with a gorgeous meteorite inlay. The rough and rugged look of the meteorite gives this ring a modern edge, but the antique style makes it a timeless piece of jewelry.

Black & Gold - Antiqued Accents

A Ring That Lasts the Ages

If your man prefers something with a little more style, what could be more vintage than a band featuring ancient designs. Cross style designs are especially common and have been used in jewelry for thousands of years, from the Egyptian Ankh to the various Christian crosses that became dominant jewelry themes during Medieval times. Also common are Celtic style rings, and going for that blackened look keeps them having that really vintage feel. Antique men’s wedding rings like this are a great way for him to showcase his heritage as well as his style.  

A Ring That Lasts the Ages

Ancient Materials

Not every wedding band has to be silver or gold. Some of them can be the two mixed together. Again, when we’re looking for something with an antique style, look for things with real history. Mokume Gane bands are beautiful works of art, no two bands are the same, and the old metalworking style invented in 17th Century Japan is definitely vintage. Diamond accents can give the band a modern edge, or you can go with an all metal style featuring multiple blended colors. If this is a little too colorful, another ancient metal with an edge is Damascus Steel. Folded metal, like the Mokume Gane, this antique material makes for great bands for the contemporary man, and the natural distressed look, again, adds to the vintage appeal.

Ancient Materials |

Bands of a Different Color

It might not change colors like the Emerald City’s horse of a different color, but rings aren’t just made in yellow and white, so look for a band in rose gold for some vintage appeal. People often forget that rose gold has been around for over 200 years.  First used in Russian Imperial jewelry, the rich hue of 18K Rose Gold and the pinkish color of 14K lend themselves perfectly to jewelry inspired by antique designs. The wedding rings of our grandfathers and fathers were simple pieces. Pay homage to the wedding bands of yesteryear, but update the style just enough to create something fresh and new, like adding grooved cuts to a flat band with a satin finish. Just like the yellow gold, adding some antique style milgrain edging is another great idea, as is a two-tone design with a rough finish for that weathered look.

Bands of a Different Color

Ask the Experts

Antique men’s wedding rings are just as varied in style and option as women’s bands, and that can make shopping for a wedding band a little overwhelming for a man who is not used to wearing or buying jewelry. With a little guidance from jewelry experts like those of us at, you can be sure that you’ll find the right fit for you.

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