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0.60 Carat Oval Custom Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: R259
Center Stone: $1,418 CA$1,864 AU$1,951 €1,246 £1,115 HK$11,131 NZ$2,150 SG$1,949
  • Details: 0.60 Carat Oval Diamond
  • Color: E
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Cut: Super Ideal
Ring/Jewelry Setting: $1,545 CA$2,031 AU$2,125 €1,357 £1,214 HK$12,128 NZ$2,343 SG$2,123
  • Metal: Yellow Gold
  • Side Carat: 0.54
  • Side Color: F
  • Side Clarity:SI1
  • Side Cut: Ideal
Purchased Price: $2,963 CA$3,896 AU$4,076 €2,603 £2,329 HK$23,259 NZ$4,493 SG$4,072
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Style: R259
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Jeweler's Notes

Set against vibrant 14K yellow gold surrounded by sparking brilliance is a super ideal 0.60 oval diamond whose little size shines brightest above all.

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