Promise Rings

A Promise of Love

A promise ring is given as an expression of a certain promise two people have made with one another. The promise could be a promise of never-ending love, a promise of fidelity or a promise of trust and companionship. Of course, a promise ring may still symbolize a promise of future marriage.

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A Promise of Love

Promise Ring Sets

His & her promise rings can be purchased together by couples as a symbol of their commitment. Since the meaning of a promise ring is unique to each couple, you can also use any type of matching ring for you and your partner's promise ring. Check out our most popular matching ring sets for him and her:

Promise Ring Sets

Our Promise To You

When you purchase your promise ring you won’t just get a beautiful ring, but you will also get a promise from us. Our promise to you is that you will receive a full credit to be used toward a future engagement ring and center stone purchase if you wish to send back your promise ring. Alternatively, we can also recycle the metal into a wedding band and even incorporate any diamonds into your future engagement ring so that your initial promise continues to be a part of your relationship as the commitment grows.

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Our Continued Promise

When you're ready to take your promise to the next step, our team of diamond and jewelry experts are here to assist you. Simply send a request through our website or call us at 866.737.0754.

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Our Continued Promise
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