Are Matching Heart Diamond Ring Sets The Most Romantic Wedding Rings?


Wedding rings are an enduring symbol of a couple’s love and commitment. In the days of Ancient Egypt when the circle shape was considered to represent eternity, the circular band was created to symbolize an eternal pledge.

For a piece of jewelry that special, you’ll want something as unique and perfect as your love. If you’re a pair of true romantics, what better way to showcase your love for each other than with matching heart diamond rings? When placed together, the matching designs form a heart— a perfect representation of how you complete each other!

Matching Split Heart Diamond


What better way to show you’re two halves of one whole? These 5 mm matching wedding bands feature a split heart puzzle detail that stack together to form a powerful symbol of your love.

The ring for her features the bottom half of the heart with a diamond stone inset as an accent. For him, it features the top half of the heart, which also includes a delicate and tasteful diamond accent embedded within. (Choose the split heart in an accented yellow gold if you really want to make the heart design stand out!)


Matching Bezel Heart Concave Diamond


If you want wedding bands with a more modern feel, these his and hers wedding bands are a lovely choice.

The contemporary bezel setting allows the diamonds to really shine, but with the unique half-heart curve and concave band, these heart diamond rings offer a softer look—a great match for tender, affectionate couples. The men’s band features a slightly larger stone than the women’s, but together they create the perfect pair together, just like you!


Matching Curled Heart Diamond


If you’re looking for something traditional with a romantic flair, a set of curled heart diamond bands are a match made in heaven. The matching set of his and hers bands features a traditional plain band with the added flair of a 14k gold curled half-heart. The half-heart is accented by a small diamond and when placed together the rings fall in perfect symmetry — a true reflection of your love!

While the band is simple, the 14k gold heart provides an eye-catching pop. This is further enhanced by the looping look of the curled heart design that lends your ring vintage appeal.


Matching Heart Fingerprint Inlay


Looking for something as unique as your relationship? The Matching Heart Fingerprint Inlay makes it possible to keep your spouse wrapped around your finger for eternity—with a heart made up of your fingerprints.

These matching his and hers bands feature an accent fingerprint half-heart in yellow gold. For extra elegance, ten round diamonds accent the half-heart on the woman’s band. If you’re looking for a band that has the romance of a matching heart diamond ring, but with a one-of-a-kind feel, this is the perfect band for you. With its fingerprint inlay created from the prints of you and your spouse, there will truly be no other like them.



Ultimately, the matching, stacking style of these wedding bands provides a contemporary feel with a timeless sense of romance—they say “you complete me!” like no other ring can.

If you want wedding bands that make a perfect pair and tell the world you married your best friend, you can’t go wrong with matching heart diamond ring sets.

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