Finding Quality Wholesale Loose Diamonds Online

Quality Loose Diamonds

People who’d rather customize their jewelry often prefer buying loose diamonds in order to get the exact quality and size that they want. When shopping for loose diamonds, customers are able to have more control than with diamonds already set in rings or bracelets. Though sometimes it can be a challenge to find a loose diamond that is both at the right price and of the right quality, we make it easy for you to find quality loose diamonds at wholesale prices online.

A Diamond’s Journey

Freshly mined diamonds, called “rough,” are sent to cutting centers. There experts decide the best way to cut and polish the stones for maximum value. The diamonds are then sent to jewelry manufacturers, who set the diamonds into jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, etc. and sell them to jewelry stores.

Loose diamonds skip the jewelry manufacturer and go straight to the jewelry store from the diamond cutter, without being placed into a setting.

Why Buy Loose Diamonds?

As demand for loose diamonds is moving faster than production, it is apparent that some people are purchasing loose diamonds as an investment. Though finished jewelry can also be a profitable investment, loose diamonds are unobscured by settings and can be examined for flaws on all sides by a potential buyer or appraiser, making it easier to establish the value of the diamond. As such, loose diamonds can be purchased as a commodity for investment purposes.

Alternatively, you might want to pick the perfect diamond to go with the perfect setting, creating a customized piece that will be admired for years to come. You want to be sure you have the right diamond, so buying a loose diamond allows you freedom to explore the entire spectrum of the 4C combinations.

Why Buy Loose Diamonds?

Why Buy Online?

On the internet, there’s no rent, no display cases, and no plumber’s bill. Without the expenses associated with a brick and mortar store, online jewelry stores like are able to offer low, wholesale prices to their customers. Of course, you can always compare prices to the jewelry store in town, but many people have found that because of so much competition, prices are driven down further in the online market than those of a physical store, which may not have any direct competition for miles.

Of course, there are millions of diamonds available online, so how can you even begin to find a particular stone? Brilliance lets you choose easily from a huge selection of wholesale loose diamonds, offering a great tool that allows you to sort by every criterion: price, carat weight, certification, cut, color, clarity, polish, symmetry, depth, and fluorescence. What if you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for? You can call, email, or chat live with a representative who can help you. Each diamond and jewelry expert is trained in depth on all aspects of diamond quality in order to help you find the perfect stone at the perfect price.

Why Buy Online?

It can seem risky to purchase something as valuable as a diamond online, so do your research: Does the company fully insure the diamond when it is shipped? Does the company have good reviews by customers? Are you protected by a robust return policy in case you do not like the diamond?

What Should I Look For?


Get familiar with the characteristics of loose diamonds:

Diamond Shape: If you are purchasing a diamond to place in a setting, consider the shape that would look best in the setting and conform to the wearer’s style. If you are purchasing as an investment, think about classic shapes that never go out of style.

Diamond Color: Diamonds are either “white” or “fancy color”. White diamond color is graded on a lettered scale from D (perfectly colorless) to Z (light yellow), with the highest value placed on the least colored stones. Fancy color stones are graded based on intensity, with the more intense color being of a higher value.

Diamond Clarity: Clarity refers to any flaws in or on the diamond. “FL” clarity means flawless, while other ratings describe a progressively more flawed stone: IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3, I1. This is an important factor when determining your budget for a loose diamond.

Diamond Cut: The best-cut diamonds are excellent at reflecting light, which is the appeal of a diamond in the first place. In order from best to worst, here are the grades: Super Ideal, Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, and Good.

Diamond Carat weight: Carat is a unit of measure that is used to refer to the weight of a gemstone. Carat weight is a used as a rough estimation of size when discussing diamonds.

Diamond Certification: This is the most important step in purchasing a loose diamond, online or in person. To be certified, a diamond must be inspected by a licensed gemologist in a laboratory setting. The certificate verifies each of the characteristics listed above for that particular diamond. Purchasing a certified diamond is extremely important if you are planning to use the diamond as an investment because the certificate serves as an independent and objective summary of the diamond’s quality, verifying its value.

Next Steps

If you choose to invest in loose diamonds, you may hold on to them or use a resource like The International Institute of Diamond Valuation to sell them.

If you will be mounting the diamond in a setting, check out some options available for engagement rings. You can choose your ring style, metal type, and any side stones you want to include.

Regardless of your reasons for purchasing loose diamonds, the most economical way to buy is wholesale. Start your journey with Brilliance’s wholesale loose diamond search to get started, and enjoy the thrill of purchasing gorgeous, wholesale loose diamonds online!

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