Loose Diamonds for Sale

Buying loose diamonds might seem like a daunting task. It is certainly a more involved process than purchasing a preset ring, but it can often result in finding a more desirable and better quality final product! Especially for shoppers looking for a higher carat diamond, loose diamonds are a great option for getting exactly what you want.

Buying Loose Diamonds

Buying Loose Diamonds

Buying loose diamonds online increases your ability to find a better-priced diamond with a higher quality. Though many people prefer to buy diamonds from a retail store, online retailers offer much more affordable prices on the exact same stones.

Why Buy Loose Diamonds

You might be wondering why people even bother buying loose diamonds when there are rings already made and ready to wear. Also, preset rings are often cost effective. So why do people like buying loose diamonds?   

Buying a loose diamond allows you to see a diamond completely for what it is as a standalone item. Usually, if a diamond has a blemish or inclusion, jewelers will set it in a way that hides that flaw, but then the flaw may become visible to you later as time and wear causes the diamond to shift in its setting. Buying a loose diamond permits you to analyze the rock before it is set. Furthermore, when allowed to choose a loose diamond, you can often get a better quality and clarity than when purchasing preset diamonds.

When analyzing loose diamonds for sale, the stone must be held by tweezers and usually by a professional gemologist or jewelry appraiser. You’ll then be able to view the gem under a scope or through a glass piece in order to assess the characteristics of the diamond for yourself.

Why Buy Loose Diamonds

How To Buy Loose Diamonds

Analyze-Cut.png Analyze the Cut

If you are buying online, seeing the diamond and analyzing the brilliance and fire yourself is impossible to do from the computer. Search for diamonds with excellent or very good cut ratings. Then, when you have the loose diamond in your hand, analyze it under different types of light: fluorescent, natural, dimly lit, and brightly lit settings. If there is something you do not like about the diamond, most online retailers have a return policy.

Decide on Carat Weight

Knowing the desired carat weight helps you immediately narrow your loose diamond search because it essentially determines the size of the diamond you want. It also affects the price you pay. However, try not to be too set on a number as diamonds slightly below your desired carat weight can have the same visual size and have higher cut and color grades. Sacrificing size for a better quality diamond is usually a smarter move.

Choose-Shape.png Choose the Shape

Knowing the cut shape of your diamond helps refine your search, especially if the diamond you are searching for is a fancy shape (any cut other than a round or princess cut).  Also, because they have a much lower yield from the original diamond rough, round brilliant loose diamonds tend to cost more than fancy shapes.

Consider-Your-Budget.png Consider Your Budget

Knowing the price you are comfortable to pay for the diamond is a good place to start your loose diamond search, as this will guide the specific size and quality stone you are getting. Remember, after you purchase the loose diamond, you will also have to buy the setting. Do not forget to consider that when building your budget.

Leave-Time-For-Delivery.png Make Sure You Leave Time For Delivery

Because you’re ordering online, you have to consider that it will take time for the diamond to arrive. Don’t plan that proposal until the ring is finalized and in your hand!

Certification.png Certification

Other than seeing the diamond yourself, it is important that you also see the diamond certification (IGI, GIA, AGS, or EGL). You should never purchase a loose diamond without a certification from a well-respected grading laboratory.

Take-Professional.png Take It To A Professional

After your diamond or ring is delivered to you, take it to a professional appraiser to make certain it is the same diamond as the certification report describes. It is even better if the appraiser is a certified gemologist, but avoid jewelry retailers who may try to upsell you for no reason.

Don’t Forget The Setting!

Remember, after analyzing the cut, color, carat weight, and clarity of the diamond, and after purchasing it, you still have to consider the setting. What type of band would suit the diamond and the recipient best? Where and how will you have the diamond set?

Let Brilliance.com Help You

Ultimately, buying loose diamonds is a great way to guarantee you find the perfect stone and ring setting for the best possible price. Just remember to have a professional appraiser help you verify the certification and quality of the diamond that you purchase.

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