Finding Wholesale Diamonds

Although Brilliance now provides consumers with the highest quality diamond jewelry, engagement rings, and loose diamonds, the company originally started out as diamond wholesalers, selling diamonds to retail jewelry stores. When more consumers began purchasing diamonds online, we created as a means of offering our certified diamonds to everyone, at the same competitive prices we'd always offered as wholesalers.

Buying Wholesale Diamonds from Brilliance

At Brilliance, our customers can browse our selection of loose diamonds in a pressure-free, convenient environment. Our diamond descriptions and competitive wholesale diamond prices are clearly presented to ensure an easy, informed shopping experience. You'll enjoy budget-friendly pricing without sacrificing the personal service offered by the finest diamond and jewelry retailers. Our graduate Gemologists and diamond and jewelry experts are always available to guide you through buying wholesale diamonds online. All orders are eligible for free express shipping, no-risk returns, and lifetime diamond upgrades. Our diamond jewelry is backed by a lifetime warranty and our care and maintenance program.

We believe that our consistent growth comes from our commitment to superior customer service, unparalleled quality, and exceptional value. Over the past two decades, we've built a strong niche for ourselves in the loose diamond industry, developing business relationships with many reputable mine owners, diamond cutters, and diamond suppliers. Because we don't have the overhead costs of a traditional jewelry retailer, we're able to pass the savings on to you.

Buying Wholesale Diamonds from Brilliance

Local Jeweler vs.

Before the advent of companies like Brilliance, consumers who wanted to purchase a loose diamond, engagement ring, or diamond ring had to visit a local jewelry store and make their selection from a limited assortment. Often, this meant sacrificing some of their desired characteristics, being pressured by pushy salespeople, and paying more than anticipated.

Retail jewelry stores get their assortments on consignment from wholesale diamond jewelers (like Brilliance), and make a hefty profit if the diamond is sold. Instead of having the freedom to choose the specific diamond characteristics they want, customers are limited to the diamonds in stock at the jewelry store.

As an online jewelry retailer, Brilliance offers thousands of wholesale diamonds, allowing our customers to hand-pick a loose diamond that meets their exact specifications. In addition to our own collection, we also list loose diamonds for sale from some of the leading diamond cutters and manufacturers from around the world. Therefore, if you search for a cushion cut diamond on our online diamond search, you'll be presented with more than 3,500 results-instead of just the 2-3 options you'll likely find at a jewelry store.

In addition to the expanded selection, customers who purchase wholesale diamonds from Brilliance will enjoy savings up to 50-90% off retail prices. Simply stated, our customers have significantly more purchasing power buying diamonds online than in a retail store.

At Brilliance, we're committed to creating an easy, positive buying process for wholesale diamonds. We'll take the time to help you make an informed, worry-free purchase of your loose diamond, engagement ring, or wholesale diamond jewelry. With virtually limitless selection, wholesale diamond pricing, and expert guidance, Brilliance offers the ultimate in affordable luxury.

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