Elegance and Beauty: Vintage Engagement Rings

elegance and beauty with vintage engagement rings

Vintage engagement ring designs are inspired by jewelry pieces worn throughout the Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, and Art Deco eras. Even though these designs are influenced by the past, there’s nothing outdated about vintage engagement rings. In fact, many women prefer vintage-inspired engagement rings over modern rings because of their timelessness.

Choosing Your Ring

A vintage engagement ring is a statement piece, so it’s important to figure out what you want the ring to say. Each vintage ring tells its own story using intricate detailing, distinct settings, and various metals. Rings inspired by the Edwardian era tend to be light and feminine, whereas Art Deco-inspired rings feature clean lines, step-cut diamonds, and symmetrical designs. The Victorian era is known for having the most romantic jewelry. Many of the rings inspired by this time period feature nature motifs with intricate floral and leaf designs on the band. Finally, rings inspired by the Georgian era feature intricate metalwork and are typically set with table cut diamonds, which are square-shaped diamonds with flat tops and bottoms.

Choosing Your Ring

Deciding which vintage engagement ring is right for your fiancé is challenging—especially when there are so many breathtaking options to choose from. Start your search by taking a look at some of these top vintage engagement rings:

vintage style cathedral diamond engagement ring platinum

vintage floral halo diamond engagement ring white gold

vintage antique lyria bloom halo diamond engagement ring yellow gold

vintage new leaves three stone lyria crown diamond engagement ring rose gold

vintage meandering vine diamond engagement ring white gold

vintage wrapping vine diamond engagement ring white rose gold

From Left to Right:

Vintage Style Cathedral | Vintage Floral Halo | Antique Lyria Bloom Halo | New Leaves with Lyria Crown | Meandering Vine Ring | Wrapping Vine in White and Rose Gold

Proposing with a vintage-inspired...

engagement ring is the perfect way to express your love and commitment to your significant other. Not only will your significant other be blown away by the beauty of the vintage engagement ring, but she will also love the fact that the unique design will stand the test of time. An engagement ring is a symbol of love, but vintage-inspired engagement rings are also wearable pieces of art that can be cherished forever. Every time your significant other glances down at her finger and sees her romantic and feminine engagement ring, she will be reminded of the love that she has for you.
Proposing with a vintage-inspired...
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