Style Guide: Vintage Style Engagement Rings in Rose Gold

Vintage Style Guide: Rose Gold

Elegant, romantic and a blushingly beautiful alternative to the standard icy silver and sunkissed gold metals, rose gold was first used by Carl Fabergé, the famous jeweler to the Russian Czars. The blush color was created by mixing standard yellow gold with copper and was first known as Russian Gold, commonly used in the Fabergé Eggs.

The popularity of the metal rose to roaring heights during the 1920s, becoming the choice metal in many luxurious, high-end pieces. The beauty of copper alloyed gold is the spectrum of its color palette, which ranges from pale pink to red—depending on the amount of copper used. What we term rose gold is the paler end of the spectrum, with 14K rose gold exhibiting a true pink hue and 18K have a warmer, almost orange tone.

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The color intensity of the rose gold makes a unique statement in rings. Lighter shades display a vintage flair reminiscent of the 20s or even Czarist Russia. Deeper shades of copper alloyed gold—or red gold—have a modern appeal that pairs well with bolder, avant garde designs.

If you are looking for a vintage setting, choosing rose gold complements the design due to the metal’s warmth and unique history. Stay true to the metal’s vintage roots by pairing rose gold with romantic styled vintage settings and leave the deeper shades of red gold for someone looking for a more contemporary design.

Pale Pink Rose Gold

Ring designs inspired by the romantic Victorian Era pair perfectly with a pale pink shade of rose gold. Blushing and beautiful, paler pink rose gold portrays a sweet innocence, and your rose engagement ring design should complement this sweet and romantic shake of love.. The ring design should complement this sweet and romantic shade of love.

Some of the more commonly found Victorian-inspired designs are those featuring floral and plant motifs. The Antique Floral Engagement Ring incorporates swooping floral vines that dance around the blush-colored band. The sides of the ring hide dainty leaf patterns. Choose an Asscher cut or Emerald cut center diamond to highlight the vintage style of the ring. For an even more vintage look, try an old European cut diamond, which is the precursor to the modern round brilliant popular during the Victorian Era.

Pale Pink Rose Gold |

The Blushing Romantic

Flushed warmth of rose gold embraces Edwardian elegance in the Edwardian Style Antique Diamond Engagement ring. Milgrain details border delicate petals that glint with a dazzling diamond dewdrop. Choose a classic round brilliant center stone to add additional fire to the setting, or opt for a more refined step-faceted center stone like the Emerald cut.

The Art Deco halo diamond engagement ring pulls us right into the Roaring 20s and the height of rose gold popularity.  Paired with an Asscher or a Round Brilliant, this setting in rose gold could easily be confused with a true vintage piece right from actual Art Deco period. Milgrain and diamonds accent the architectural style of the piece, all drawing the eye to your center stone and the halo of sparkling round diamonds.

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The Blushing Romantic

Add Color To Your Antique Ring

For a unique twist on the classic engagement ring, say "No" to traditional diamonds and say "Yes!" to a gemstone. Vibrant gemstones were the preferred choice of stone in the majority of pre- and early 20th-century jewelry, since diamond cutting technology was not advanced enough to achieve the dazzle we know and love today.

To add rose gold in both your setting and your stone, go with a dusky pink sapphire ring. Morganite is another great option, as seen in the custom three-stone Morganite engagement ring here. The emerald-cut Morganite gemstones perfectly channel the Art Deco elegance of the 1920s. Rubies, amethysts, and even topaz can also pair stunningly well with antique designs made in rose gold. If you’re already aiming for the nontraditional, a gemstone center might be a great option.

Add Color To Your Antique Ring |

Choose Romance

Rose gold’s beauty is rooted in one of the most iconic creations in jewelry history—the stunning Fabergé Egg collection. Made popular during the booming 1920s, rose gold elicits a dignified air of elegance and romance and is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Choose rose gold to add warmth, romance and blushing Brilliance.

Twisted Rope Solitaire

Solitaire rose gold engagement ring with twisted rope design.

Twisted Rope Solitaire

Square Double Halo

Unique double halo diamond engagement ring setting.

Square Double Halo

Vintage Milgrain Edging

Rose gold engagement ring setting with intricate engraving.

Vintage Milgrain Edging
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