10 Unconventional Engagement Rings for Artistic Women


Eccentric. Unique. Trendsetting. These are just a few of the words often used to describe women who are creatively inclined: independent thinkers who aren’t easily influenced by the mainstream status quo. They're rebels of expression—especially when it comes to their personal style. If you are planning on proposing to an artistic woman, it’s important to find an unconventional engagement ring that is as unique as she is. Sometimes, the beauty of the design is the way the metal is twisted around to resemble a rope or intricate floral detailing, so consider mixing metals to add a pop of color and make the ring look and feel more romantic. Also, consider a ring accented with brilliant gemstone emeralds, rubies, or sapphires. Need more ideas? Here are some of our favorite unconventional engagement rings:


Edwardian Style Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

For the traditional artist in your life, this vintage style engagement ring setting in white gold pulls inspiration from Edwardian era jewelry with milgrain detail and elongated shapes for elegance. Truly a piece worthy of the Renaissance. 




Bezel Sapphire Gemstone Bridge Engagement Ring

Twenty round cut sapphire gemstones are pave set in this elegant half bezel gemstone bridge engagement ring in white gold, providing a contemporary color accent to the center diamond your choice.




Bypass Solitaire Engagement Ring

A modern solitaire style with a post-modern aesthetic in white gold, this low-profile and easy to wear ring features a split shank with a bypass design.




Delicate Etched Diamond Engagement Ring By Parade

Art nouveau inspired diamond studded scroll-work with milgrain etching accent this white gold ring from Parade's Hera Bridal collection. As if hailing from the Victorian era, this style features twenty-two round diamonds for approximately 1/8 total diamond weight to accent the center stone of your choice. 




New Leaves Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring By Parade

For the avant-garde in your life, Parade's Lyria Bridal collection features this stylish dual tone ring, with delicate, rose gold leaves sprouting around a band of white gold, presenting two larger round diamonds accenting the center diamond of your choice. The organic style alone is sure to drive any naturalist wild!




Split Shank Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring

Sleek and modern this curving rose gold diamond engagement ring is pave set with twenty-two round cut diamonds, providing a brilliant accent to the center diamond of your choosing.




Art Deco Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

For the woman who's more classicly inclined yet period specific, forty-three round cut diamonds (Forty-four if the center stone is also round) are pave and bezel set in this rose gold diamond engagement ring setting with milgrain detail and an Art Deco-inspired structure, set with the center diamond of your choice. Bedecked with details of Milgrain, this ring will satisfy anyone who lives for the artistic opulence of the 1920s.




Swirling Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring By Parade

Parade's design from the Hemera Bridal collection features rose gold artfully crafted into sweeping curves and securing your choice of center diamond within their signature Lyria Crown. Forty-one round diamonds decorate the setting.




Princess Bezel Diamond Bridge Engagement Ring

Taking great advantage of its centered geometry, twenty round cut diamonds are pave set in this elegant half bezel diamond bridge engagement ring in yellow gold, accenting a kite-set princess center diamond.




Swirl Style Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Ring

A trifecta of colors, six round cut blue sapphire gemstones are prong set in this elegant swirl style gemstone engagement ring in yellow gold. A simulated white space in the form of the center diamond of your choice completes this post-modern era piece.



It’s true that an engagement ring is a symbol of commitment, but to those who are creatively inclined, it's also a wearable piece of art that expresses long term dedication and personal emotion, the latter of which is love. From paintings, music, poetry, dance, sculptures, and numerous other mediums, an artistic woman will always have a means of self-expression, so be sure to choose a ring that best reflects her innovative style. Give the visionary in your life a ring that doesn't just speak volumes, but shouts to the heavens about who she is by choosing one of our stunning, yet nontraditional rings.

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