Pretty in Pink: Beautiful Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings


Feminine & Fancy Pink

The color pink is often associated with femininity, so it’s no surprise women who adore this color will also fall head over heels for pink sapphire engagement rings!

Pink sapphires are part of the “fancy sapphire” family. These gemstones are known for their unparalleled vivid colors—some jewelers even describe sapphires as so bright and vibrant that they appear to be lit from within.

Bold pink sapphires create a striking contrast when paired with colorless diamonds, which makes them perfect for engagement rings.

Feminine & Fancy Pink

Stylish & Strong Sapphires

Pink sapphires are also incredibly durable.

In fact, sapphires have a 9.0 rating on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, whereas diamonds have a 10.0 rating. Since diamonds and sapphires have such similar ratings, there is not a significant difference between the hardness of the two stones.

Women who are looking for a unique and non-traditional design will love pink sapphire engagement rings. There are countless different designs featuring pink sapphires, including halo settings, cathedral settings, and vintage settings

Stylish & Strong Sapphires

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Pop with Pink!

Sapphire is the official birthstone for the month of September, but that doesn’t mean women who were born during this month are the only ones who are allowed to wear it. This remarkable gemstone is perfect for any woman who wants to add an unexpected pop of color to their engagement ring.

The splash of the color pink will definitely turn heads, but it certainly won’t overpower the brilliance of the diamond. Wearing one of these breathtaking pink sapphire engagement rings is the perfect way for women to express their femininity and make a bold statement about their personal style!


Pop with Pink!
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