Are Engagement Rings Cheaper Online?

are engagement rings cheaper online

Congratulations! You’re getting married! But how much will it cost to put that rock on your partner’s finger? It can seem so daunting to find engagement rings cheap enough to not break the bank. While you can’t put a price on romance, you can set a sensible budget for your wedding that makes every dollar count.

Nobody wants to cut corners when it comes to a milestone like marriage. But you can save money without sacrificing quality if you take a thoughtful approach to the big purchases associated with engagements and weddings.

Two of the most important details to pay attention to when shopping for an engagement ring is where and how you’re buying them.


Where to Buy

Let’s start with the where. Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable jeweler that sells diamonds certified by a well-regarded agency. Take precautions to avoid being deceived by a local jewelry store so you don’t end up like the unfortunate customers of a certain shop in Williamsville, NY.

Pick a retailer that guarantees a lifetime warranty and has a favorable return policy. Always read reviews on any store you consider when planning such an important purchase! Just as important, think about how you’re going to buy your engagement ring. To ease the burden on your budget, definitely consider buying the engagement ring online.

Where to Buy

Why Online Engagement Rings Are Cheaper

Traditional brick and mortar stores tend to have much higher overhead costs than online retailers. Good online retailers pass on those savings to consumers. This makes buying online a good way to find lower prices for the same merchandise.

According to data analyzed by a range of independent experts at Consumer Reports, The New York Times, and ABC News, shopping online tends to be more affordable than shopping in-person. Prices are lower and you will also save time driving, parking, walking, and dealing with hovering salespeople working on commission.

That’s why buying your diamonds online is one of the surest methods to avoid paying too much for your engagement ring. Savings of 20 to 30 percent are common when comparing in-store and online ring purchases. And the bigger the diamonds, the bigger the difference between the prices will be. When it comes to engagement rings, cheap deals are readily available.

Why Online Engagement Rings Are Cheaper

Other Benefits of Online Jewelry Retailers

Reputable online jewelers will make your consumer experience as easy and informative as possible. With tens of thousands of diamonds to choose from, online jewelers make it easy by providing pictures, videos and certifications for you to review before you make your purchase. You can browse diamonds guided by your unique taste, preferences, and budget with no pressure to buy.

Many diamond retailer websites offer streamlined customer service, quick response times to questions, and follow-up from thoughtful live sales representatives. This also helps you avoid waiting in long lines or searching a store’s aisles for a sales associate.

But the best reason to buy online has to do with leveling the playing field.

Other Benefits of Online Jewelry Retailers

Ninety-nine percent of the time, you will have less knowledge than the professionals selling the diamonds. Even if you research all the ins and outs of diamond buying, when you walk into a physical store, you may forget some little detail that could seriously affect the value of the diamond.

Meanwhile the diamond sales representative is trained to ensure you walk out of that store with a diamond on terms favorable to the retailer. But if you shop online, you can cross-reference different sources of information, check on anything you’re unsure about, and go at your own pace. You have all the knowledge you need at your fingertips, with no pressure to buy until you’re absolutely ready.

So if you’re looking for more affordable engagement rings without sacrificing quality, buying online is your best bet. Now you can go ahead and browse with confidence. Take your time to make a decision you’ll feel good about for a life event that’s bound to make you feel great.

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