Best Princess Cut Diamond Settings



A forgiving shape that looks amazing in both large and small carat sizes, the princess cut is second in popularity only to the round brilliant. Utilizing more than 60 percent of the stone's original weight, the princess cut shines brightly at a lower cost than many other shapes.

As with all cuts, however, the princess cut relies on the right setting to maximize aesthetic beauty and guarantee a secure fit. Here is a look at some of the most popular and sensible settings for loose princess diamonds.

The Classic Prong Diamond Setting

The most common setting type is the classic prong, also called the claw setting. The princess-cut diamond works very well in this setting, but it is important to understand the possible variations within this category, and how those variations relate to the princess cut.

The prong setting uses less metal and allows more light to pass through the stone, which adds to the diamond's brilliance. Extra prongs better secure the diamond, but also conceal more of the stone. Since four-prong settings work with just about any shape diamond — as opposed to six prongs, which are best for round, oval, pear and marquise-shaped diamonds — princess-cut diamonds are often seen in four-prong settings.

The shape of the prongs is just as important as the number of prongs. The V-shaped prong setting is the most common choice for princess-cut diamond engagement rings, as opposed to rounded, pointed or flat prongs, which work better with other cuts.

The Classic Prong Diamond Setting

The Three-Stone Diamond Setting

A versatile setting fit for any occasion, including anniversaries or engagements, the three-stone setting does exactly what its name implies. In this setting, two large accent stones are secured on either side of the center stone. The princess cut is one of the two most popular cuts for this type of setting, with the other being the round brilliant cut.

This setting allows for individualized personalization through the addition of colored side stones, such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires, as well as the mixing of shapes between the side stones and center stone.

The Three-Stone Diamond Setting

The Channel Diamond Setting

Channel settings are perfect for smaller princess-cut diamonds or for princess-cut diamonds wrapped around the band. In this contemporary setting, diamonds are secured in place between vertical metal walls. This creates a smooth corridor — or channel.

The Channel Diamond Setting

Other popular setting types for princess cut diamonds:

Princess Channel Diamond Ring

Princess Channel Diamond Ring

This classic diamond wedding band features 11 princess-cut diamonds in a channel setting.

Vintage Rose Gold Floral Filigree Ring

Vintage Floral Filigree Ring

A .59 ctw princess cut dominates this two-toned, 14kt white and rose gold engagement ring.

Cushion & Princess Diamonds Ring

Cushion/Princess Diamond Ring

A prong-setting engagement ring with two princess cut diamonds set in 18kt white gold.

One of a Kind Ring with Wrap

Princess Diamond Ring Wrap

This custom engagement ring features a 1.02 ctw princess-cut diamond set in 950 platinum.

Princess-cut diamonds are wildly popular because they are brilliant, cost-effective and forgiving — but they have delicate corners, which must be factored into the choice of setting. As with all diamonds, the right setting can protect the diamond, accentuate its brilliance, highlight its attributes and minimize its flaws.

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