Enhance Your Gem's Color With An Emerald Cut


Not all that glitters is gold or diamonds, and an emerald cut gem may be simply superior. In fact, gemstone jewelry was all the rage before De Beers introduced the diamond engagement ring back in the 30s. Their marketing campaign was strong and the diamond tradition stuck.

Diamonds, however, are not always a “girl’s best friend.” Gems are actually more timeless, classic, and in some cases more elegant. Accentuating your gem’s color with an emerald cut showcases your sophistication and appreciation for what you wear. Interestingly, the emerald cut is more intricate than most would think.

Emerald Cut Gems Concenter Color

The emerald cut, also known as a tapered step-cut, defines a gem or diamond with a characteristic square or rectangular shape. The emerald cut was intended for emeralds but later became a gem and diamond tradition.

Its tapered corners concenters the color of any gem. A gem’s shape actually becomes submissive to the cut and the long flat surface lends a window into the depth of the gem’s brilliant color.

An emerald cut accentuates your gems color but offers a better balance as well. It also puts choosing a design into perspective. An emerald cut will make your ring finger look longer and slender. It also emphasizes size, boosting the allure of your gem or diamond.

Emerald Cut Gems Concenter Color

Highlight Your Attention to Elegance

An emerald cut was intended to show brilliance, and that brilliance is not solely for emeralds anymore. This elegant timeless cut works well with beryls, including morganite, aquamarine, as well as tourmaline and topaz. And of course diamonds.  

Wearing gemstone jewelry highlights your attention to elegance. Unlike diamonds, gems offer a variety of shimmering color and cut. You can personalize your style with any gem’s radiance, allowing you to be fashionable and timeless.

A timeless gem can only be complemented by a timeless cut. Getting the full-color potential from the gemstone you choose is important. And an emerald cut will most certainly cultivate that potential.

Highlight Your Attention to Elegance

Emerald Cut for Diamonds

There are some very interesting facts and “must knows” about the emerald cut when it concerns diamonds. Interestingly, only three percent of the world’s diamonds are emerald cut. And yet they remain quite popular. Why is that?

One big reason is that an emerald cut can make a smaller carat weight appear larger. This is due to the open flat surface designed to bring out a gem’s brilliance. This, however, works against the diamond. The cut actually makes a diamonds shimmer more subtle, but bigger may trump luster.

Naturally, because the emerald cut was designed to enhance a gem’s color, it does the same for diamonds. This is not a big deal if your diamond is in the D-F range. However, warmer diamonds such as those in the H-K range may appear slightly yellow with an emerald design.

The heart wants what the heart wants. This is why you are looking for a new piece of jewelry, or choosing the perfect gift for that special person in your life. An emerald cut is not for everyone, just like it is not for every gem or diamond. It is, however, a timeless cut that emanates elegance.

Emerald Cut for Diamonds
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