Getting the Best Prices at Online Diamond Wholesalers

The conventional model for getting a diamond into the hands of the bride-to-be, or other jewelry enthusiast, is a process that goes from miner to cutter to wholesaler to retail outlet before finally reaching the consumer. With advent of the online marketplace, however, this model is becoming obsolete. Consumers can now access quality diamonds directly from a wholesale operation.


Advantages to Buying from Online Diamond Wholesalers

Best Diamond Prices

When purchasing a particular diamond, bigger isn’t always better or even the most expensive. Prices vary depending on different traits of diamonds. The discerning buyer needs to determine the most important qualities for their personal taste. Is the shape important because the diamond will be placed in a relative’s antique setting made for a certain type of stone? Is color more important than clarity? Is size more important than having a virtually invisible flaw? All of these questions will factor into the cost of the diamond. The savvy shopper will be able to find the diamond he or she wants at a fair price online, and wholesalers like offer the best prices by far.

Best Diamond Prices

More Diamond Options

A brick and mortar store carries a limited number of diamonds and gems, most of which are already in their settings and cannot be purchased loose. A wholesaler, on the other hand, has hundreds of different options – hundreds of loose stones at the ready – as well as the ability to obtain more, as needed. All of which can be set into a customer’s choice of setting, not one that is premade and preset. Aside from diamonds, Brilliance offers a wide variety of settings from simple to elaborate, and consultants who are ready to assist in through the entire process.

More Diamond Options

More Diamond Education

Consumers should have access to as much information as they want when learning about the qualities that make up the value of a diamond. Factors that contribute to this value include the diamond’s cut, clarity, carat, color, and more. Online wholesalers allow for you to shop at the convenience of your computer with access to as much information as you need to complete your purchase. Additionally, like any reputable diamond jewelry dealer online or in retail, we recommend stones that have received certification from a respectable laboratory, such as AGS, EGL, GIA, HRD, and IGI. Brilliance also prides itself on its diamond education pages that compile all of the most up to date and relevant information about diamonds of all kinds.

More Diamond Education

Conflict Free Diamonds, and other well-regarded jewelry dealers, work with organizations around the world to insure that the diamonds we offer are conflict free, in accordance with the Kimberly Process. True conflict free diamonds are diamonds that were not mined in an illegal or inhumane way.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Disadvantages to Online Diamond Wholesalers

One of the disadvantages to purchasing online is that the buyer cannot actually see or hold the diamond until it has been securely delivered to him or her. Brilliance offers a 30-day money back guarantee so that the buyer can review his or her purchase without any risk of being stuck with a diamond that is not what he or she envisions.

But what if the diamond you purchase is not the diamond you receive? This is the biggest fear for many shoppers buying online: unreliable and untrustworthy retailers.  More customers report the dreaded switched stone situation from brick and mortar retailers than they do from online wholesalers, but be sure to research any potential seller thoroughly before making a purchase. It’s important to research customer reviews. Reputable wholesalers and retailers share their testimonials. Brilliance also recommends taking your newly purchased diamond to an appraiser after it is shipped to you. This will ensure that what you paid for and what you received are the same quality gemstone.

Disadvantages to Online Diamond Wholesalers |

Choose the Best

Brilliance offers unmatched customer service. With no pressure to purchase, our jewelry experts offer guidance and advice on all products. Have a question about diamond fluorescence? Not sure what the best carat size is for your setting? Check out our education and blog section for information to help you.

Shopping for the perfect ring for the person you love most? Searching for diamonds online is more convenient than stores in your area. Choosing an online diamond wholesaler is the only way to get the best quality at the most reasonable price in today’s loose diamond market.

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