How To Find Diamond Stud Earrings That Are Conflict-Free


Diamond stud earrings are one accessory that should be found in every woman’s jewelry collection. They are subtle enough for everyday wear, but still add that elegant touch for a fashionable night out.

But when it comes to buying the right pair of diamond stud earrings, how they look isn’t the only thing to consider. More and more people are paying attention to the humanitarian side of the diamond industry; they want to know where their diamond came from, and that it’s not a conflict diamond.

What are Conflict Diamonds?

Conflict diamonds are diamonds whose sale is used to fund conflict in war-torn areas. Also known as “blood diamonds,” they come from places that are controlled by groups that oppose legitimate, recognized governments, and these groups use the money from the diamonds’ sales to fight these legitimate governments.

What exactly does that mean? You need to make an informed decision when purchasing your diamond. If you’re not careful, your money might be going to fund dangerous terror groups.

What are Conflict Diamonds?

Are Your Diamonds Conflict-Free?

When looking for the perfect diamond stud earrings, it is vital to make conflict-free choices. You certainly want your diamond to be marred by its ethical history, so pay attention to these rules and you’ll find that buying conflict-free isn’t really so hard.

Here are a few tips to ensure your diamonds are conflict-free...

  • Ask the retail jeweler where the diamonds were mined. Any reputable jeweler will know the journey of each of their diamonds.
  • Get the facts! According to the GIA, “Today 99% of diamonds in the marketplace are conflict-free.” However, when stores say their diamonds are conflict-free, they may only be referring to their new diamonds. The Kimberley Process was established in 2002, and many antique diamonds, which were mined prior to that, are still for sale and may still be conflict diamonds.
  • Don’t buy diamonds mined in Zimbabwe or Angola. The human rights abuses there are well documented and have much to do with diamond mining.
Are Your Diamonds Conflict-Free?

How to Buy Conflict-Free Diamond Stud Earrings

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to begin browsing for those perfect diamond stud earrings! There are plenty of places to find the studs that fit your needs, with both brick and mortar jewelers and online retail jewelers offering a wide selection of conflict-free diamonds.

If you’re looking to get the absolute best value for your money, try shopping for your stud earrings online. Without as many overhead costs, online retailers can price diamonds up to 30 percent cheaper than you will find in a traditional jewelry store.

Online retail jewelers also have a wider selection, especially when it comes to diamond stud earrings. This is because they often have more connections in the diamond industry and more space to store their inventory.

How to Buy Conflict-Free Diamond Stud Earrings

Buy Your Diamond Stud Earrings from Reputable Jewelers

However, as mentioned above, it’s impossible to know whether or not an antique diamond—or any piece of vintage jewelry containing a diamond—is conflict-free. Many online retailers will advertise that they are conflict free, but this only applies to new diamonds. If they sell vintage or pre-owned jewelry, that “conflict-free” guarantee does not apply.

With online retailers like Brilliance, however, ensuring you get diamonds that are conflict-free is nothing to worry about.

Using the tips above, you’re sure to find the pair of brilliant, fiery diamond studs to perfectly compliment your stunning beauty. Just remember to keep your diamonds conflict-free, which will be a fantastic discussion point at your next soirée.

Buy Your Diamond Stud Earrings from Reputable Jewelers
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