Why Celebs Prefer Pear Diamond Rings


Katherine Heigl. Victoria Beckham. Anna Kournikova. Princess Charlene of Monaco. What do these women have in common? Well, apart from the obvious--fame, fortune, and beauty--each woman wears a pear shaped diamond ring on her left hand.

As far as diamonds go, pear cuts are one of the least common styles you see from day to day. Most women opt for something more traditional, like a round brilliant or princess cut diamond. Look at the red carpet, however, and unique styles like the pear diamond ring rule the day. Why is it that celebrities seek out that striking teardrop shape? Because of the elongated shape, pear diamonds tend to make the fingers appear slimmer, but there are a few other perks to wearing a pear diamond ring:

The Original Pear Diamond Shape


When the pear shaped diamond was first introduced in the mid-1400s it was centuries ahead of its time. In fact, many rejected the style, bothered by how much rough stone was lost in the cutting process. Of course, the lovely pear diamond has redeemed itself over the years, thanks to some high-profile buyers; Elizabeth Taylor’s infamous Taylor-Burton diamond is a pear shaped stone, as is De Beers’ 203-carat Millennium Star.

Despite these famous pear shaped diamonds, however, the style still remains less popular than other diamond cuts. For celebs (and brides-to-be), this is a great thing! With a pear cut diamond ring, a woman is less likely to find someone whose engagement ring matches hers. For a star, this is important, particularly in our constantly-comparing, “who-wore-it-best” world. But this can also be a great thing for the affianced woman simply looking to stand out.

The Versatile Pear Ring Look


Classic Solitaire with Pear Diamond Ring In White Gold

You may be thinking, Sure, a pear diamond is unique in everyday life. But didn’t you just say that it’s more common with celebrities? Good eye, I certainly did! So if many stars are wearing pear diamond rings, how can the look continue to be surprising and unique? The answer comes from the sheer versatility of this special stone. The pear shaped diamond marries the full curve of a round brilliant cut with the pointed edge of a marquise, creating a cut that lends itself to a variety of settings.

For example, let’s take a look at a few famous pear diamond rings. Victoria Beckham sports a simple solitaire--well, as simple as a 15-carat stone can be! Katherine Heigl, by contrast, sports a pear diamond with a halo and a pave diamond band. This look is stunning and sparkly, but totally different than Beckham’s. And both these rings are wildly different from tennis star Kournikova's ring, which features a pink pear cut diamond surrounded by two white, trillion cut side stones!

Is a Pear Diamond Ring for Me?


Halo Diamond Engagement Ring With Pear Diamond in Yellow Gold

The pear cut diamond is, essentially, the best of both worlds, which makes it suitable for any number of unique settings. This is a great diamond choice for the man who isn’t sure what his future bride will want: simply buy a loose pear diamond and design a setting together once she says yes!

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