Beautiful Settings for Heart Shaped Diamond Rings


Heart shaped diamond rings are a popular choice for women who march to the beat of their own drum. This style is feminine and romantic; elegant, yet playful; always one of a kind.

However, the special cut of a heart shaped diamond makes it susceptible to chipping or breakage, particularly around the tip of the heart. How can you protect your diamond while showing off its unique beauty? Here are a few tips:

The Right Setting for a Heart Shaped Diamond Ring


When you are looking for a setting for a heart shaped diamond, it’s important that you look for an option that will protect the stone.

Most jewelers will suggest a five-prong setting, which involves two prongs placed at the top of the diamond (on the curve of the heart), prongs halfway down each side, and one prong at the tip of the heart. That final prong is the most important one, as it will protect the most vulnerable part of the diamond from breaking.

Another popular setting for heart shaped diamonds is the bezel setting. Here, the diamond is set in the band, while metal surrounds the entire stone. This is a great choice for ladies wearing smaller sized diamonds—the bezel setting accentuates the heart shape of the stone, helping to bring out its uniqueness.


The Right Band for a Heart Shaped Diamond Ring


Once you’ve found the right setting, consider the kind of band you want the ring to sit on. The band completes the overall look, so it’s an important part of the ring-buying process.

Heart shaped diamonds are particularly special stones, so they look especially beautiful standing alone in a solitaire setting.

However, split shank settings also look lovely, as the open space highlights the curves of the diamond. Thicker bands can also complement heart shaped diamonds, as they give the stone plenty of room to shine.

As for color, most diamonds look stunning with either white or yellow gold—and heart diamond rings are no exception. The color of band you choose really depends on your personal taste (or the taste of the person you’re buying the ring for). Yellow gold will give your ring a timeless, classy look, while white gold is a bit more modern. But of course, both are beautiful—just take your pick!


A Little Heart Shaped Diamond Inspiration

You might be wondering just how different these settings look. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got a few heart shaped diamond rings that might just inspire you:



.75 Carat Heart Diamond Cathedral Engagement Ring

This simple solitaire features a heart-shaped stone and a thick band in yellow gold . The look is elegant and subtle, putting the focus on the sparkle of the stone. Did you notice the five-prong setting? It’s perfect for protecting that precious diamond.



customized _bezel_gemstone_bridge_heart_engagement_ring.png

Customized Bezel Gemstone Bridge Heart Engagement Ring

This ring offers a modern twist on the bezel setting. Here, the setting only wraps around the top and bottom of the stone (protecting its most vulnerable parts) while leaving the sides open. The aquamarine accent stones on the band add a delicate pop of color.




Cross Split Shank Heart Diamond Engagement Ring

This split-shank ring with a massive three-carat heart shaped diamond is the epitome of modern elegance. The openness of the shanks, as well as the smaller pave set diamonds along the shanks, create a feeling of drama that really makes that center stone stand out.




Celtic Claddagh Ring in White Gold

Celtic imagery is a popular choice for many couples getting married, and the Claddagh is one of the most beautiful options around. Representing love, loyalty, and friendship, this heart shaped diamond features a crown and celtic knot embellishments along the band.

If you’re planning to buy a heart shaped diamond for your sweetheart, remember that the setting is very important. Make sure to protect that delicate shape and find a setting that will make the diamond’s originality stand out. After all, a heart shaped diamond is one of a kind - just like the lovely lady who will wear it.

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