The Power of Palladium - An Alternative Men's Band


Palladium is a rare precious metal that was first discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. Even though it was discovered in 1803, this metal was not used in the jewelry industry until the late 1930s. Today, this precious metal is finally getting the recognition it deserves, which has resulted in palladium men’s wedding bands becoming increasingly popular. If you are looking for a male wedding band, then make sure you check out our unique mens wedding bands!

With Great Power Comes Great Palladium

Palladium belongs to the same general family of metals as platinum, so it shares the same naturally bright white color. However, it is not nearly as dense or heavy as platinum, so many men find it more comfortable to wear. Because it is less dense, palladium is also less expensive than platinum. In fact, many men choose palladium wedding bands because they look so similar to platinum wedding bands, but are far more affordable.

This precious metal is also more malleable than both gold and platinum, so it is much easier to create unique and intricate designs using palladium. This makes palladium the ideal choice for men who are searching for a ring that will stand out and speak volumes about their personal style.

With Great Power Comes Great Palladium

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How Perfect Palladium Can Be

Palladium is affordable, comfortable to wear, and stunning, but that’s not all. This precious metal is also incredibly durable and resistant to scratches, so it is perfect for men who live active lifestyles. Because it is hypoallergenic as well, men who have metal allergies will never have to worry about their ring causing unpleasant skin irritation.

Palladium is not traditionally associated with wedding bands, however, there’s no reason to cross it off your list simply because it is not as well known as other metals. Slip a palladium wedding band on your ring finger and you will wonder how you went so long without knowing about this sleek and sophisticated metal!  


How Perfect Palladium Can Be
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