Where to Buy Vintage Engagement Rings

Where to buy vintage engagement rings

Vintage jewelry continues to enchant jewelry fans with artistic beauty specific to its era. Both true antique and vintage-inspired pieces reflect a timeless originality, more akin to small sculptures than mere accessories.

The greatest misconception about custom vintage-inspired pieces and genuine vintage jewelry remains the belief that such pieces equate to a large price-tag. However, these pieces are not just for people who can afford to spend a lot of money. The challenge in procuring vintage pieces is finding the treasured looks that fit the budget and the individual’s style, and a lot of that is about knowing where to buy vintage engagement rings.

Pop Some Tags: Hunting for True Antique Engagement Rings

Scoping out genuine vintage is a bit like going on a treasure hunt. The fun is in the search, and the thrill of finding the literal diamond in the rough is worth the work, and sometimes the work is dirty.

Where do old valuable items go when they are no longer needed or lack a hereditary heir? Charity shops. Channel your inner Macklemore, because the best way to find vintage—be it jewelry or clothing—is through learning the art and skill of thrifting. The best thrift stores for jewelry (and really great vintage anything) are usually religious-based. Seek out stores affiliated with churches, as these will be the treasure troves of vintage.

Behind the Looking Glass

The valuable vintage treasures are always locked in a glass counter by the registers. Window shop through the glass, and if something catches the eye, ask to view it.

Understand that thrift stores are not boutiques. A piece of jewelry that you love might not fit perfectly. You might need to have a ring re-sized, a necklace chain replaced or a clasp repaired. But the piece will be absolutely unique.

When buying gemstone pieces—especially diamonds—always ask if the piece has been authenticated and request to see an accompanying certificate. Although the piece will likely be discounted deeply, you still have every right to make sure you know what you are purchasing. If you don’t feel comfortable, walk away.

Behind the Looking Glass

Estate Sale Treasures

Estate sales also offer great opportunities for unique vintage treasures. Estate sales are held after a loved one has passed away and the family needs (or wants) to sell unwanted items from the estate. And similarly, for individuals who may be willing to spend high dollar amounts on their vintage purchases, luxury auction houses offer many stunning vintage pieces. Again, always set a budget for your bidding price.

While you will find beautiful vintage pieces, keep in mind that vintage does not equal conflict-free. Many authentic vintage pieces were created before the Kimberley Process was instituted to ensure blood diamonds were not sold on the market. If a conflict-free diamond is important to you, then new, vintage-inspired jewelry is the way to go.

Estate Sale Treasures

Find & Design: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Jewelry

For those who wish to avoid the hunt for authentic antique pieces, opt for jewelry that is vintage-inspired. With vintage-inspired jewelry designs, the biggest challenge is finding the perfect style.

Vintage Inspired Rings

Almost any vintage design can be recreated or re-imagined. Scope out the internet or find examples of older designs that ignite a style spark. For inspiration, also look at museums that feature jewelry collections from different eras. Some of the more common design eras that inspire designers are Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Retro.

Vintage Inspired Rings

Vintage for You

Vintage luxury is attainable for anyone who knows where to buy vintage engagement rings. Brilliance can be just the place. Work with a jewelry expert to design a stunning vintage-inspired masterpiece, or dive into the catalog to find terrific treasures. Vintage is the beauty of the past, and the past holds something beautiful for everyone.

Vintage for You

Vintage Jewelers

After determining the ideal vintage era to recreate, use online reviews to find yourself a reputable jeweler and prepare to meet with them. Be sure to convey your budget clearly and be armed with artistic examples of jewelry designs. Custom-designed pieces may cost more, but having a clear vision and a clear budget will help a jeweler to design the piece without putting you into bankruptcy.

Vintage Jewelers
Need some inspiration?

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