Antique Chic: Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Engagement Rings

One-of-a-kind designs that are bursting with personality can often only be found in antique engagement ring styles, and whatsmore, they are becoming increasingly popular.


Make the Past the Perfect Present!

Even though antique engagement rings are inspired by the past, they still look modern and stylish today. These rings are ideal for women who want a special ring that allows them to honor the past while still looking forward to the future! Take a look at some of our favorite antique engagement rings:

The Inspiration Behind Our Unique Rings!

Antique engagement rings feature unique designs that are inspired by the past, mainly the Edwardian, Victorian, and Art Deco eras. Each of these eras has a distinct style that continues to inspire the design of countless engagement rings.

Blossom with a Victorian Look!

The Victorian era spanned from 1837 to 1901, which coincides with Queen Victoria’s reign over the British Empire.

The love between Queen Victoria and her husband inspired jewelry designers to create romantic and feminine pieces in yellow and rose gold.

Today’s designers incorporate delicate flowers, birds, bows, and hearts into their engagement ring designs to capture the romance of this era.  

Blossom with a Victorian Look!

The Bigger, The Better!

The Edwardian era is named for King Edward VII, who reigned over the British Empire from 1901 to 1910.

Bows, knots, ribbons, curves, and spirals are often incorporated into the designs of Edwardian engagement rings. Whereas the Victorian era was known for its delicate jewelry, the Edwardian era is known for its opulent and oversized platinum and white gold pieces that turn heads and start conversations.

Despite their large size, these engagement rings are still designed to look lightweight and effortless.

The Bigger, The Better!

Build Confidence with Art Deco!

Art Deco took the world by storm beginning in the 1920s. Women felt free to express themselves during this time period, and they often used their jewelry to make bold statements.

Designers use geometric shapes and clean lines to create striking engagement rings that capture the Art Deco movement. Each of these rings carries the spirit of the free-thinking women of the 1920s, which is why so many modern women feel confident and empowered while wearing one of these designs.


Build Confidence with Art Deco!
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