Top 10 Fashion Earrings Under $100


The Elegance of an Earring

Throughout history, women have worn earrings with brightly colored gemstones and unique designs to signify their elite social status. Earrings are still popular in today’s world, but they are worn for a very different reason. Today, women wear these accessories to complement their favorite outfits and make bold statements about their personal style. Thanks to Brilliance, women can make these statements with affordable fashion earrings under $100.

Brilliance has a wide variety of affordable fashion earrings so women can pick a pair to go with every outfit in their wardrobe. Wear simple stud earrings in silver or rose gold to add the finishing touches to a polished and professional look. Drop earrings with delicate details pair perfectly with a little black dress for a night out on the town.


The Elegance of an Earring

Find the Perfect Style of Earrings

Hoop earrings are ideal for women who are looking for earrings that can be worn every day. Simple hoop earrings are traditional and timeless. But, if you’re looking for something a little edgier, choose teardrop threader earrings, which put a modern twist on the classic hoop shape.

No outfit is complete without the right pair of stylish earrings.

Start your search for the perfect pair by taking a look at some of our favorite fashion earrings under $100:


Find the Perfect Style of Earrings
Elegant Double Threader Bar Earrings In Sterling Silver

Threader earrings are always going to be effortlessly cool, and this delicate pair of double threader bar earrings are no exception to the rule. Crafted from sterling silver and polished for an extra white shine.  (This item has limited availability. Please contact a diamond and jewelry expert to ensure delivery of your order.)

Stock Number: 20952
Our Price: $90

Love Knot Earrings In Classic Silver

Classic love knot earrings in silver, the elegant design features four delicate strands of sterling silver and push backings, making the perfect accent for any outfit. Handmade in Italy.

Stock Number: 20583
Our Price: $120

Silver Filigree Earrings In A Paisley Dangle Design

These pretty sterling silver filigree drop earrings are crafted in a teardrop shape with a delicate paisley design that is sure to never go out of style.

Stock Number: 20605
Our Price: $50

Polished Rose Finish Silver Ball Stud Earrings (9 mm)

Feminine polished rose finish silver ball stud earrings will gracefully complement a neckline. These button ball studs were handmade in Italy, measure 8.75 mm in diameter and come in a sweet blush pink color.

Stock Number: 20599
Our Price: $55

Twisted Infinity Hoop Earrings in Silver

These sterling silver hoop earrings form a twisted infinity design for a fashionable accesory with symbolic meaning. Handmade in Italy. (This item is currently on backorder. Please contact a diamond and jewelry expert for more information.)

Stock Number: 20601
Our Price: $95

Sterling Silver Dangle Triple Hoop Earrings

An elegant pair of sterling silver hoops, in a triple hoop, dangle design to add that cool, updated touch. These are the earrings you've been searching for. (This item has limited availability. Please contact a diamond and jewelry expert to ensure delivery of your order.)

Stock Number: 20951
Our Price: $70

Small 14K Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings (12 mm)

Classic small gold hoop earrings are a must-have, just like these small 14k yellow gold hoops. They measure 12 mm in diameter, making them slightly bigger than huggies for an elegant look.

Stock Number: 20541
Our Price: $129

Faceted Double Hoop Earrings in Silver

Thin double hoop earrings in sterling silver feature a polished outer hoop with a diamond-cut inner hoop for a subtle, faceted finish. Handmade in Italy.

Stock Number: 20571
Our Price: $73

Ball Stud Earrings in White Gold (6 mm)

These 14k white ball stud earrings in 6 mm are a fashion staple. Proudly made in the USA.  Please note this item is currently on backorder.

Stock Number: 20494
Our Price: $70

White Gold Hoop Earrings (25 mm) Medium Classic Design

Classic white gold hoop earrings are always going to be in style, making these medium 14k white gold hoops a must-have for any jewelry box. The earrings measure 25 mm in diameter.

Stock Number: 20543
Our Price: $252

A Must Have Accessory

Earrings give women the power to express themselves through their jewelry choices. A simple stud or daring drop earring can speak volumes about a woman’s personal style and make her entire outfit look more put together and fashion forward.

Every woman should have a jewelry box filled to the brim with earrings to choose from when she gets dressed in the morning. This may have seemed impossible in the past, but buying stylish earrings has never been more affordable thanks to our vast selection of fashion earrings under $100. With prices so low, there’s no need to stop at one pair of earrings!


A Must Have Accessory
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