Frequently Asked Questions: products

Find quick answers to the questions our customers ask most frequently. You may also contact a Diamond & Jewelry Expert with your questions at 866-737-0754 or contact us here.

Can I get a video or advice on a specific diamond?

We want you to be thrilled with your purchase - so we’ll provide you with all the information we can before you buy a diamond: pictures, videos, reports and expert advice. If an image or report of a diamond is not available online, please contact a Diamond Expert at 866-802-2807.

Do you sell Customized Rings or Jewelry?

If you’d like a truly custom piece, our in-house Design Team can create a custom engagement ring or custom jewelry item that meets your exact specifications. To get started, visit our Custom Jewelry page and submit a your custom request. Need inspiration? Visit our Recently Purchased Rings.

Will I be charged tax or shipping?

Express shipping is always free for every order. Sales tax only applies to customers whose shipping addresses are in the state of Florida. International orders may be subject to the duties and taxes of the destination country.

Are your diamonds 100% natural?

Every loose diamond in our Diamond Search is 100% natural and is accompanied with a full Diamond Report. Additionally, none of the diamonds in our jewelry or rings has been treated or enhanced in any way.

What is the difference between white gold and platinum?

Many consumers assume that the only difference between white gold and platinum is price. This is a common mistake. Platinum is four times stronger than white gold, does not discolor or oxidize like gold does, and is more durable. Platinum gives a very white, slightly duller appearance, while white gold tends to shine more brightly. 18 karat white gold is a great option for the price-conscious consumer who wants a purer metal.

Which metal type is best?

Our ring collection and most of our fine jewelry comes in platinum and gold (white, yellow and rose). Platinum is more durable and will show fewer nicks and scratches over time. As for color, platinum and white gold look similar and convey a modern style, yellow gold is perfect for those who prefer the hue's warmth and rose gold can lend a vintage or antique aesthetic.

What is the difference between 14K gold and 18K gold?

'18 karat' means the metal is 75% pure gold, whereas '14 karat' means the metal is 58.5% pure gold. Both purities are used primarily for quality jewelry and are durable for everyday use. 18 karat purity produces a finer-quality gold and a richer color when used to create yellow gold. In white gold, 14K gold will yield a slightly whiter color and is slightly more durable than 18k gold.

What is rhodium and what does it do?

Rhodium is a metal alloy that is derived in the separation process of platinum. Rhodium is commonly applied to fine jewelry and rings to create an incredibly hard protective coating on silver and gold. It also provides a whiter shine and tarnish prevention to silver and white gold.

How can I find my ring size?

Brilliance provides a printable ring sizer to accurately gauge the ring size of the intended finger. We can also send you a complimentary plastic ring sizer upon request. View our Ring Size Information page for details and the request form. Know your ring size but not sure what the equivalent US ring size is? Check out our Ring Conversion Chart.

Do you sell certified diamonds from Canada?

Brilliance offers a wide selection of certified loose diamonds from Canada. Please contact a Brilliance Diamond & Jewelry Expert at 866-737-0754 to shop for diamonds certified and sourced from Canada.

What is laser inscription?

A diamond that is laser-inscribed has a set of numbers or letters (usually referencing the Certificate or Report information) on its girdle that can only be seen under magnification (10x at minimum). The inscription allows it to be identified in case of theft or after cleaning or repair.

What does “Ideal Cut” mean?

An Ideal Cut stone is a diamond that has been cut to produce the greatest brilliance and fire. A diamond can be polished within a range of measurements that yield an Ideal Cut. For detailed descriptions and diagrams about the cut of a diamond, please visit our Diamond Cut section.

What does Make mean?

Make is a term used in the world's diamond markets to refer to a diamond's cut, finish, and appearance. Each diamond at Brilliance is evaluated on a 'Make' scale, which is based on the quality of a diamond's proportions as well as its visual brilliance and fire.

Which of a diamond’s 4C’s is most important?

Each of a diamond’s four c’s impacts it in a different way. Therefore, there is not really a ‘most important’ characteristic -- it all comes down to your budget and diamond preferences. If diamond size is important to you, you may prioritize carat weight. If you most value sparkle/fire, select a diamond with a higher cut grade. For guidance and diamond advice, our Diamond & Jewelry Experts can walk you through the diamond-buying process. Click here to schedule a time to speak with an Expert.

Are some diamond certifications or reports better than others?

The most respected gemology labs are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the AGS (American Gem Society). However, all of the diamond certifications we carry come only from one of the five universally trusted gemology labs. To learn about the different labs and the advantages of each, please visit Diamond Certification.

What is the quality of your loose diamonds and the diamonds in your rings & jewelry?

Brilliance only sells loose diamonds that are certified by one of the five gemology labs trusted around the world. In addition, we select only the highest quality diamonds for use in our rings and fine jewelry. The quality of the diamonds used in a particular piece of jewelry is clearly marked on that item's product details page.

How do you ensure the accuracy of the product details?

Every ring and fine jewelry item offered by Brilliance is graded by at least two master gemologists to ensure the accuracy of each product's details. Each item also undergoes a thorough quality control check in our in-house workshop.

If I order a Diamond & Setting, will it come set & complete?

All loose diamonds that are ordered with a ring, earring or pendant setting come set and complete in our signature packaging. There is no “setting fee” when a diamond and setting are ordered together.

If I purchase just a loose diamond from Brilliance, can you mount it in my setting?

Yes. Our on-site master jewelers can mount the loose diamond in your setting. Once you have completed your diamond purchase please fill out our Care form and an email with shipping instructions will be sent to you.

If I purchase just a ring setting from Brilliance, can you mount my diamond in it?

Yes. Our on-site master jewelers can mount the your loose diamond in the ring setting. Once you have completed your setting purchase please fill out our Care form and an email with shipping instructions will be sent to you.

Are your diamonds certified?

All diamonds in our Diamond Search come accompanied with a certificate from one of the five universally trusted gemology labs (GIA, AGS, EGL, IGI, HRD) detailing a gemologist's evaluation of the stone's characteristics. To find out about the labs and their grading methods, please visit our extensive Diamond Certification section.

Does Brilliance offer natural fancy color diamonds?

Yes! We offer fancy colored diamonds in almost every color. Start your Fancy Color Diamond search now!

Does Brilliance sell engagement ring and wedding band sets?

Most of our engagement rings are designed with matching wedding bands in mind, so you should be able to find a great match. Alternatively, our Custom Design team can customize a band to match perfectly with any engagement ring. Please keep in mind that the only way to guarantee a perfect match is to have both rings in the office at the same time.

Does Brilliance make wraps/jackets/enhancers?

Yes. Because every engagement ring and center diamond is unique, for the perfect fit, a wrap or jacket should be custom-made. To get started on your ring wrap, visit our Custom Jewelry page or contact a Diamond & Jewelry Expert for details.

Can you engrave my ring? If a ring is engraved, is it still returnable?

Yes. We offer engravings for nearly all of our engagement ring and band styles. Should you wish to return a ring that has been engraved, a credit will be issued for the ring minus the engraving fee.

Are your certified diamonds laser inscribed?

Nearly all of the loose diamonds in our diamond search are laser inscribed. If a diamond is laser inscribed, it will be noted on the diamond report/certificate as a comment or a note.

Do you sell morganite?

Yes. Even if you do not see a specific gem type listed, we are able to source and sell any gemstone used in jewelry. Please contact a Diamond & Jewelry Expert with your request.

How can you offer such low prices on all your products?

We proudly manufacture all our jewelry, and our loose diamonds come straight from the source so that we can offer you the best prices. We are confident that no diamond or jewelry retailer can compete with our quality and low prices.

Is the name Brilliance inscribed/engraved in the ring?

No, the name Brilliance is not inscribed or engraved in any of our rings. The Brilliance logo appears in many of our product images in order to protect them from being used by other companies.

Does Brilliance sell rings in quarter sizes?

Yes. If you feel like you are between two ring sizes, Brilliance offers quarter sizes for nearly all of our rings. If you require a quarter size, place your order with the nearest size and contact the Orders Team at 866-737-0754 with your specialized sizing request.

Do you have a Low Price Guarantee?

Brilliance offers the highest quality products at the lowest prices guaranteed. Shop with confidence knowing that if you happen to find an item of identical size and quality at a lower price, we will beat it.

I ordered a matching band/second of the same item, but they look different. Why is that?

Because jewelry is ultimately a hand-finished art, no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Small variations in stone size or setting style are to be expected and should be looked at as a mark of character for your piece, not imperfection, like the signature of an artist on a painting. In addition, many of our rings include natural materials such as wood, meteorite, and agatized dinosaur bone that have naturally occurring variations. Mokume Gane and Damascus Steel also have variations in patterns that make each ring unique.