Diamond Education

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  • Diamond Shape

  • Diamond Clarity

  • Diamond Cut

  • Diamond Culet

  • Diamond Color

  • Diamond Certification

  • Diamond Girdle

  • Diamond Carat

  • Diamond Fluorescence

Diamond Certification

Each Brilliance certified loose diamond arrives with an official grading report detailing its quality scores and overall value. Learn about diamond certification and the careful evaluation processes used by five of the industry's most reputable diamond laboratories.

Jewelry Guides

With endless choices of qualities, metals, and styles, shopping for jewelry can often be an overwhelming experience. Whether you need a ring for an engagement, the perfect accessory for a special occasion, or a unique gift for a loved one, our jewelry guides offer the information you need to identify quality in a jewelry piece and find the style that meets your taste and your budget.

  • Engagement Ring Guide

    Finding your soul mate may be a challenge, but buying an engagement ring is easier than you might think. Learn More

  • Earring Guide

    From delicate studs to dramatic hoops, earrings add grace to any wearer, enhancing any ensemble from casual to black-tie. Learn More

  • Bracelet Guide

    One of the most popular jewelry gifts, diamond bracelets are often given as tokens of affection and support. Learn More

  • Necklace Guide

    The most popular necklaces are made from a simple metal chain adorned with a gemstone or metal pendant. Learn More

  • Ring Guide

    Whether it’s presented for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or marriage, a ring serves as the symbol of love. Learn More

  • Setting Types

    Master jewelers use a variety of setting techniques to set and secure diamonds and gemstones in jewelry. Learn More

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Metal Education

Our metal education offers information about the unique qualities, appearance, and care of the most popular precious metals used to make engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Gemstone Education

Learn about gemstones and the distinctive qualities, origins, color variations, and care methods used in high quality gemstone jewelry.