Diamond Metal Education


Our expert tips and information will help you select the perfect diamond that blends quality and value.

Loose Diamond Education

Diamond Education

Get insider tips and advice with our diamond education guides compiled by our industry experts. Start your education now by choosing from the topics to the right.


Metal Education

Metal Education

Our metal education offers information about the unique qualities, appearance, and care of the most popular precious metals used to make engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Jewelry Guide

Jewelry Guides

Detailed jewelry guides provide expert tips for evaluating, choosing, and maintaining different types of fine jewelry.

Diamond Certification

Diamond Certification

Each Brilliance certified loose diamond arrives with an official grading report detailing its quality scores and overall value. Learn about the careful evaluation processes used by five of the industry's most reputable diamond laboratories.

Diamond Certification

Gemstone Education

Gems & Gemstone Education

Learn about the distinctive qualities, origins, color variations, and care methods of fine gemstones used in high quality jewelry.

Gemstone Education
Diamond Jewelry Terminology

Our quick reference guide simplifies the shopping process by defining some of the most common diamond and engagement ring terms.

Canadian Diamonds
Canadian Diamonds

We're proud to offer gem-quality Canadian diamonds, obtained with strict adherence to the country's ethical and environmental policies.

Pearl Education
Pearl Education

Learn about the origin, history, care, and characteristics of this naturally occurring gemstone, a classic and elegant choice for fine jewelry.

Jewelry Care
Diamond Jewelry Care

Protect your investment by following our expert-recommended guidelines for proper care, cleaning, and storage of your diamonds and fine jewelry.

Diamond History
History of Diamonds

Learn about the fascinating history of the diamond, and how it came to serve as an enduring symbol of everlasting love.


Brilliance Blog

Check in often for current diamond news, jewelry trends, insights and tips from diamond experts, and special promotions for Brilliance shoppers.

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