Brilliance Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
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For the last few weeks we’ve seen a lot of people take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We wanted a piece of the action so we decided to accept the challenge and take it one step further. How? In the spirit of charity and fun, we challenge all of our followers to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. For every follower that tags us in their video on Facebook (, we will donate money to the ALS. Spread the fun and help a great cause!

Our 3D Printing Program is Featured on NBC!
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Our 3D Printing Program has seen a lot of success – not only has it helped a lot of our customers decide on the best diamond choice, but we’ve also intrigued a lot of different news sources. Most recently, we spent the day with Ashleigh Walters and we discussed the 3D printing program. If you missed it on the news, check it out on NBC

The New Diamond Finder App from Brilliance
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Diamond Finder app promo image

The team at Brilliance is always pushing the envelope by incorporating new technology into better features and services for our customers. From 3D printed rings, to blinged out wearable tech, we’ve taken technology and made some useful, fun programs. Our newest adventure was not only a challenge to create, but it can be extremely useful for someone looking to save money when purchasing a diamond.

We’ve Done It Again – Introducing the Diamond Finder App:
With access to over 100,000 diamonds, your phone or tablet can become your personal in-pocket diamond store. Search by common characteristics like carat, shape or price. Are you a diamond connoisseur? Try searching by more advanced characteristics like depth, table or fluorescence. No matter how you search, you can find a diamond that fits any criteria and at our affordable prices.

Empowering Our Customers – The Retail Challenge:
We understand that shopping online can be daunting, especially when you are looking for something expensive like a diamond. To help our customers, we have many different programs (Lifetime Maintenance, Lifetime Upgrades and a 30 Day Return Policy) to try and ease their angst. For those of you that are on the fence, we have a challenge for you: Go to your local jewelry store and price out a few diamonds that you like. Then, take out your Diamond Finder app and find an identical diamond and see how much you save.

Simply put, we created this app as a tool to show our customers and potential customers how much you can save so that you Never Pay Retail Again.

Gotta have it? You can download the Diamond Finder on the Appstore and on < a href="">Google Play for phones and android tablets. iPad version is in development now!

Diamond Finder icon

Diamond Finder app 1

Diamond Finder app 2

Diamond Finder app image 3

Our 3D Printing Program is Featured on Fox Business
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Our 3D printing program is off to a great start. So great, that Fox Business and Varney & Company interviewed our very own Shai Barel. He also met with Lauren Simonetti and discussed the program. Check out the videos below! If you’re interested in our new program, visit our 3D Printing page!




A Couple Finds Love While Stationed Together in Afghanistan
Posted March 26, 2014 by Sharon 1 in Brilliance

One of our dedicated diamond and jewelry experts at Brilliance recently had the honor of helping a customer, stationed in Afghanistan, with the selection and creation of an engagement ring for his girlfriend. So tough to communicate properly through email, he would call at midnight, standing outside of his “wood building shared with 14 other comrades” in his pj’s, so as not to disturb the others.

Picking out a ring was easy. The customer selected our classic Petite Pave Diamond Ring in Platinum. A beautiful 2.01 carat Princess-Cut Diamond, Super Ideal, J color, VS1 clarity and GIA certified was carefully hand-selected and then mounted in his setting.

Ian and Stephanie

Now shipping his ring so he could have it when he touched down in CA only a few short weeks after his first call since we couldn’t ship to Afghanistan was another story! Our orders manager worked closely with him to make sure that he could pick it up at a FedEx location during a layover. She had little time to coordinate (not knowing his specific flight information until the last minute), but did so, making sure that the ring was waiting in Atlanta for him. He literally left the airport, jumped in a cab, got to FedEx to retrieve the ring, bank in a cab, back to the airport and on the final leg of his journey home to his sweetheart. As he planned, he didn’t make if far off the plane before proposing. Who wouldn’t say “yes” to a man who went to such lengths to make this all happen as he wanted!

I asked them to share their story for our blog and Facebook, and they quickly shared both story and pictures from their proposal:

“I was a gunner in the Army, and we went to KAF to pick up contractors, as we lived on a tiny outpost in Kandahar.  I was talking to my team leader when the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  I turned around, and there stood Ian.  I instantly knew that I would marry him and spend the rest of our lives together.  He ended up riding in my truck, and I kept looking down from the turret in an attempt to get one more look at this amazingly handsome creature.  He caught me looking at lease 5 times.  We got back to my outpost, and I showed him to the tent that he would be living in.

A few days later, someone convinced him to come and hang out with us after I got home from mission.  He came out, and we talked all night long.  Every morning I would wake up early before mission, and make us both a cup of tea, and we would talk about anything and everything.  We even began planning our wedding just a few weeks after meeting.  We made travel plans, life plans etc.

He ended up going back to KAF, but we talked everyday on the phone or via Facebook.  One day he surprised me by coming back to my outpost to live for a few more weeks, while he did some electrical work that needed to be done. I departed Afghanistan in August 2013, at which time, Ian remained to finish out his contract.

He came to visit for two weeks, and we spent Thanksgiving with my family, in our new house that we bought in October 2013, then visited Costa Rica for a week. His contract ended in March, at which time he came home.  I was supposed to be at work the day he came in, and he was going to take a taxi to meet me at work.  Little did he know that I was picking him up because my boss gave me the entire afternoon off.  I surprised him at the airport, when he saw me he was in shock, and just stared at me as he walked to where I was standing behind a pole.  We hugged and kissed and were overcome with joy to be with each other again after so long.

I told him to go get his bags, but he just would not let me move, and insisted that we stand right where we were.  He stopped me from walking at least three times before he finally said “wait, I can’t spend one more second without you being my fiancé.  Will you marry me”?  I said yes, everyone standing there clapped, then we hugged and kissed some more.

Ian and Stephanie 2

Truly a fairy tale story.  I believe everything happens for a reason, and I believe that I had to fight a war to get what I wanted, which is the love of my life”.

Thanks for sharing this with us guys! From all of us at Brilliance, we wish you many more happy and healthy years together. Love this ring? Give us a call at 866.737.0754 to get started!

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