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Jeweler and Gemologist

Over the past three decades, Brilliance built a reputation as one of the leading retailers of diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry. Each of our diamonds is hand-picked by gemologists, and our jewelry is manufactured in the United States by our master jewelers. As you shop for the perfect jewelry item, we'll guide you through the process with clear and honest advice, ensuring that your choice reflects your personal style and taste.

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Diamond and Jewelry Expert


We have an unyielding commitment to the quality of our products and your customer experience. We spend countless resources and energy making sure every product is perfectly crafted and lasts a lifetime, and we are continuously improving and finding ways to provide even better service to our valued customers.


At Brilliance, we believe knowledge is critical when making large purchases. In our award-winning education section, we provide our customers with valuable tips, information, and terminology pertaining to diamonds, gems, and fine jewelry. Additionally, we offer many unique services that make your experience better. Our number one commitment is to our customers, and our services reflect that commitment.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Our jewelry is made to last a lifetime. Our warranty backs that up for the life of your purchase.

Lifetime warranty

Support & Expert Guidance

Information is key to informed shopping, and our Diamond & Jewelry Experts are here to guide you every step of the way with unbiased advice.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime Appraisals

As your lifelong jeweler, we can provide an up-to-date appraisals of any purchase you made at Brilliance, no matter how long ago you made the purchase.

Lifetime warranty

Secure Shopping

With a rigorous security standard, we provide a safe and secure diamond shopping experience at Brilliance.com.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime Upgrades

Interested in upgrading for a special occasion? Any loose diamond you buy can be upgraded for a larger diamond of your choice.

Lifetime warranty

Fast Shipping & Delivery

Shipping is always free, and our in-house jewelers work tirelessly to complete each made-to-order piece as quickly and beautifully as possible.

Master Jeweler


After 25 years in the diamond and jewelry business, we have developed a team of expert gemologists, design specialists and jewelry artisans. Every diamond we set and every ring we cast is made using the highest quality standards to ensure your jewelry will last a lifetime.


As your personal jeweler, it is our goal to make sure we have everything you need, and our access to thousands of loose diamonds ensures that you will always find your perfect stone. From engagement and wedding rings, to earrings and pendants, we have a wide range of jewelry and settings to choose from. If there is something you want but you do not see, our custom design process is second-to-none.

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Ring Designer


We specialize in custom-made rings and jewelry. Whether you are looking to bring an original creation to life or to recreate a piece from your favorite designer, we can make it. We create any piece of jewelry, with any stone, to match your exact specifications. The best part? We do it at a fraction of the price.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Round Loose Diamond

We ensure that every Brilliance diamond is mined and processed to the highest ethical standards, in accordance with government-mandated guidelines. We foster relationships with only legitimate, regulated diamond suppliers, and follow a zero-tolerance policy against conflict diamonds.

CEO of Brilliance.com


Our company was born in the wholesale market - it is what we know and what we excel at. Our business model may have evolved to include the general public, but our commitment to a great value remains the same. At Brilliance.com, you will find the perfect combination of value and quality.