3D Rings

If you are unsure about your ring size or are having trouble picturing a particular diamond shape or diamond size, take advantage of our 3D printing options available below. If you have a 3D printer, we can send you all the necessary files for you to print and try on your ring. If you do not have access to a 3D printer, we can have the rings printed for you.

3D Printed Ring Sizes

Find your ring size

If you do not know your ring size and want to confirm it before you buy, try printing a few 3D rings in different sizes. These printable rings are made specifically using the guidelines that Brilliance.com’s master jewelers and designers use when sizing a ring, so you can be 100% confident of your ring size before you order online.

Printable Diamond Shapes

Try a diamond shape

The shape of a diamond can affect how a ring will look when you wear it. If you are unsure what the different shapes will look like on your finger, try on a 3D printed version of any shape you are considering in a standard 1 carat size. This could help you narrow your search for the perfect diamond shape.

Printable Diamond Shapes
3D Printed Diamond Cuts

Compare diamond carat sizes

Can’t decide between a 1 or 1.25 carat diamond? Try on 3D printed rings with different carat weights so you can see the actual size difference between the different weights. Find out if that stone is not enough, too much, or just right on your finger. Fill out the form and get access to a range of sizes from ½ carat to 2 carats, in all 10 shapes.